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Emergency vehicles

M.A.NThis page contains information about the emergency vehicles used by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. 


This is the modern structural fire engine with 1800 litres of water and a 3010 fire pump. It incorporates a full inventory of rescue equipment.

Dennis SabreDennis Sabre (WRL)

This is the 1995 generation of the structural fire engine with 1800 litres of water and a 3010 fire pump.


Incident Resposne UnitIncident Response Unit (IRU)

The incident response unit is used for major incidents involving chemicals, biological and mass decontamination.


Target Response Vehicle (TRV)Target Response Vehicle (TRV)

This is a smaller fire engine called target response vehicle (MIDI). It is used for 'nuisance' and small fires. It has 1000 litres of water, a 2010 fire pump and an integrated compressed air foam system.

Bronto Aerial Appliance

Bronto Aerial appliance (HP)

The aerial appliance is also known as the hydraulic platform. It is used for high rise rescues and used as a water tower. It can reach up to 32 metres.


Water Rescue UnitWater Rescue Unit

The boat is designed to provide a safe system of work for use at the waterside or in water incidents. It enables trained crews to complete dynamic rescues from water at any incident around Cheshire.



High Volume PumpHigh Volume Pump

A High Volume Pump which is used to pump high volumes of water to an incident to tackle fires. It can also be used to pump water away from flood affected areas.


Foam TankerFoam Tanker

The foam tanker is a specialist vehicle that can be sent to the large chemical factories in the area if they are needed.

It carries 10,000 litres of foam concentrate which is used to extinguish the chemical fires that water is not suitable for. The foam concentrate is mixed with water and can be used in conjunction with the wide variety of monitors and cannons on this vehicle.


Environmental Protection Unit (EPU)Environmental Protection Unit (EPU)

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has joined forces with the Environment Agency to provide additional protection during incidents. The EPU is sent out to all incidents involving five fire appliances or more and also to incidents that pose a risk to heritage sites.

The units incorporate a range of specialist equipment that will be used during incidents to prevent further damage to the environment and to better protect heritage sites.


Hyrdaulic PlatformERF GB Fire/Simon Snorkel SS263 Hydraulic Platform

This is a fire engine with a high hydraulic platform so that the firefighters can get to heights of 32 metres. It is operated by the whole time crew.



The command and control unit The command and control unit

The purpose of the command and control unit is to attend incidents that require six or more appliances providing a greater degree of control and provides a focal point at incidents where other agencies can rendezvous with the fire service to share information regarding the incident. 

Haz Mat UnitOne Hazardous Material Unit (HAZ Mat or HMU)

The HAZ Mat is primarily designed to provide fire service de-contamination of equipment and personnel in chemical protection suits using various methods.

It has now been improved via an on board laptop computer that holds up-to-date chemical data and action plans and also up to the minute accurate weather monitoring and Gas Plume Plotting. It also carries an array of specialist chemical and radiological monitoring equipment


Operational Support Unit (OSU)Operational Support Unit (OSU)

The OSU is a special vehicle for heavy rescue incidents anywhere within Cheshire.


Dog vanDog van

Transports our rescue dog to various incidents involving finding people.




Technical Rescue UnitTechnical Rescue Unit

Attends Height Recue, Animal Recue and also Water rescue incidents. 



Fire bikeRoad Safety Fire Bike 

The fire bike has been resprayed to make it look more dynamic, and so it will be more eye catching to the bikers. 

Four new fire bike riders have been recruited and are in the process of completing their enhanced rider qualification.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service are in negotiations with North West Ambulance Service regarding the possibility of the fire bike riders being trained to deliver First Biker on Scene (FBOS) at a fire station close to the main biker routes (Cat and Fiddle and Broxton) 

WWelfare Support Unitelfare Support Unit

The Welfare Support Unit provides toilet facilities for operational staff. It does also have the facilities for refreshments. 

Scania CP31 fire applianceScania CP31

The Scania CP31 has, incorporated into its design, more up-to-date technology, lightweight and recyclable bodywork, a more carbon efficient engine giving off lower emissions, easier accessible rescue ladders and equipment lockers, and a greater capacity water loading and pump.

There will be a Scania CP31 based at Crewe, Northwich and Runcorn Fire Stations 

Rapid response vehicleRapid response vehicle

A Range Rover with formidable four wheel drive capability, its primary role is rapid response to RTCs. It carries a maximum of three personnel together with lightweight cutting equipment and rapid intervention first aid equipment for dealing with trauma and critical care on the roadside.


Numbers of vehicles

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