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Latest news and events from Ellesmere Port Fire Station:

Firefighters thank drivers for car wash donations in Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port fire station car washEllesmere Port firefighters would like to thank everyone that went along to the charity car wash at the weekend.

The crew raised £318.07 by washing cars for The Fire Fighters Charity and drivers were also offered the chance to have their vehicle tyres scanned as part of the event and 39 people took up the scanning offer which was available in partnership with Highways England.

Colin Heyes, Road Safety Manager for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This charity car wash incorporated a road safety event and was an opportunity to deliver some really important road safety work in partnership with Highways England and Tyresafe. 

“The object of every road safety event is to change people’s attitude, knowledge and behaviour.  We certainly achieved this at the Ellesmere Port car wash event, whilst also raising much-needed funds for The Fire Fighters Charity.

“Over the last few years there have been more deaths directly attributed to tyre defects than mobile phone use in the UK.  In Cheshire last year, one of the 21 tragic deaths on the roads from January to November was tyre defect related.”

The Fire Fighters Charity gives respite, recuperation and rehabilitation for sick and injured firefighters and their families and all the money raised at the car wash will be going to this great cause.

Dad hails passing firefighter for saving his baby’s life

From left, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Jason James, Daisy Dunning, baby Henry and Scott PurchaseA dad has thanked a firefighter for helping to save his three-month-old son’s life on his first day of looking after him by himself.

Chef Scott Purchase was looking forward to the challenge of taking sole charge of parental responsibilities on Tuesday 13 February as his partner Daisy Dunning began her return to her role as assistant head teacher at Sutton Green Primary School in Little Sutton following maternity leave.

But baby Henry suddenly stopped breathing at 11.45am and the couple will forever be indebted to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Jason James, from Tarporley, for coming to the rescue.

The Temporary Crew Manager of the White Watch at Ellesmere Port happened to be passing the family’s home on Saltersgate, Great Sutton, when Scott left the property with Henry to find help.

Jason, 47, said: “I was just passing by in a station vehicle when the distraught dad Scott came out of the house with baby Henry and flagged me down.

“He told me Henry wasn’t choking but had stopped breathing so I told him to turn his baby onto his front, hold him in one arm and then pat his back.

“Henry responded and started to cry and I then called for an ambulance.

“While I was on the phone to the ambulance service Henry stopped breathing several times, but the same procedure led to him breathing again on each occasion.

“Scott was understandably in a state of panic but he did a great job. I was simply on hand to advise and support him on what needed to be done.

“I have been in the fire service for 28 years. I have received first aid and trauma care training, which covers what to do when children and babies aren’t breathing, so I had some of the knowledge needed in this set of circumstances.

“If the situation required me to take Henry off Scott and treat him myself I obviously would have done, but as it turned out that wasn’t necessary.

“The ambulance turned up very quickly, in three or four minutes, and I was so glad to hear that night that Henry was okay and able to go home.

“It was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time to help.

“Perhaps it was fate and I was meant to be passing by at that time.”

Scott, 29, says he cannot thank Jason enough for his timely intervention.

“I was excited about looking after Henry by myself for the first time, but when he stopped breathing it was undoubtedly the scariest moment of my life,” Scott said.

“I was very lucky that the firefighter Jason James was passing by. He basically saved my son’s life.

“He knew what to do and came into the house, called the ambulance and talked me through the CPR.

“He was also able to calm me down as I was in a bit of a flap.

“I am eternally grateful for what he did that day. I could never repay him, and the same goes for the ambulance staff for getting to our house so quickly.”

Daisy, 31, who dashed home from work when Scott called her to say that their only child had stopped breathing and turned up as paramedics were treating Henry, said: “The hospital believes it was a case of silent reflux, whereby milk comes back up the oesophagus causing the epiglottis (a flap that prevents food/liquid going down windpipe) to close off momentarily, meaning that the baby is unable to breathe.

“They advised us to reduce Henry’s milk intake, ensure that he doesn’t drink it too fast and to keep him upright so that the milk goes straight down.

“Henry went into hospital at noon and was home by 8pm and has been fine ever since.

“I can’t thank Jason James and our neighbour Dave Hodder, who was also there, enough for all the help and support they gave Scott when he was understandably in a real panic. He has never dealt with anything like that before and it was a frightening experience.

“I also want to thank the ambulance service for turning up so quickly and for the fantastic service they and the hospital gave to our family.”

Steve McCormick, Station Manager at Chester and Ellesmere Port community fire stations, said: “I am really proud of Jason for helping to save the baby’s life.

“The trauma training that firefighters receive will have helped him, but I can’t praise Jason highly enough for the way he put that training into action and kept a level head and stayed calm under such pressure with a baby’s life at stake.”

Charity car wash - 3rd March

Fire Fighters Charity car wash in Ellesmere Port StationEllesmere Port firefighters are rolling up their sleeves and arming themselves with sponges and buckets of water for the annual Fire Fighters Charity car wash.

They will be raising money for the charity, which gives respite, recuperation and rehabilitation for sick and injured firefighters and their families, by washing cars in exchange for a donation.

Ellesmere Port's car wash is taking place at the fire station on Wellington Road, CH65 0EZ  on Saturday, March 3 from 10am to 3pm.

Firefighter Stuart Plaskett, who is the Service's Fire Fighter Charity coordinator, said: "We would really appreciate motorists bringing their cars along to have them washed in return for a donation. All funds raised go to The Fire Fighters Charity, the UK’s leading provider of life-enhancing services for serving and retired fire service personnel and their families".

North West Chair of the Fire Fighters Charity and Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mark Cashin said: “The charity car wash is a great way to not only increase awareness of road safety but also to raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity which has provided assistance to serving and retired firefighters for more than 70 years."

The car wash takes place in March and September each year and raises valuable funds for the charity, which needs more than �8 million annually to secure services at its three centres across the country.

Road safety event at Hooton Park Cicruit

Red Watch at Hooton Park Cicruit for road safety weekRed Watch visited Hooton Park Circuit to speak to participants and families at the penultimate event of the year. We were lucky enough to be invited into the Sam Pollitt Race Camp who made us very welcome and were interested to find out about the Brake Road Safety Week campaign..

Although many of the attendees at this event were under the legal age to hold a license, we still engaged with them as they are the next generation of drivers on our roads with a clear passion for motor sports. We believe it's never to early to spread the safety message of 'Speed Down Save Lives'

Overall the engagement day was a great success and our thanks to the circuit owner John Ollier and his colleagues for allowing us to deliver a very important message to the young drivers of tomorrow.

Thanks to Sue and friends!

Sue with Firefighter Hurst and Firefighter Painter Red Watch recently visited a local sheltered housing accommodation where they gave out fire safety information along with advice on slips, trips, falls prevention and bowel cancer screening.

One of the residents Sue Wellsbury presented them with �700 that she and other residents had raised for the Fire Fighters Charity.

Sue is a keen fundraiser and has embarked on many charity fundraising events, especially for charities which are close to her heart, such as Guide Dogs and Cancer Research. With the help of friends Sue raised the money by selling homemade jewellery, cakes and other crafts.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Sue and everyone who helped with the fundraising and to all who donated.

Charity car wash

White Watch held a charity car wash to raise money for the FireFighter's Charity. The crew managed to raise �177 over the day.

Car wash

Ladder training for Red WatchLadder training for Red Watch

Ladder training is one of the main core competence requirements for firefighters and is practiced regularly.

Red Watch took to the drill yard to carry out ladder exercises which are necessary as ladders are used in many situations, such as in confined spaces and for carrying out rescues.

Station doors opened to the public

A great day was had by all at the station open day. There was face painting, Chester's Aerial Ladder Platform, children's rides, food stalls, go karts, a road traffic collision demo and a number of displays to help highlight road and child safety

All the Ellesmere Port vehicles where there for the public to have a look round. Firefighters were also on hand to chat about what they do operationally and the kitchen fire demonstration vehicle and the boat rescue equipment were also on display.

Open day group photo

Crews give out boat safety advice

Red watch's Richie McMillan and Dave Windsor spoke to boat users and barge enthusiasts about the dangers of not having smoke alarms and a plan to escape on their crafts.

The crews gave out safety leaflets and advice at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum and were even joined by some local girl guide members and even a couple of life-jacketed corgis!

Boat safety week

Ellesmere Port Fire Station Open Day 2017

Ellesmere Port fire station open dayEllesmere Port Fire Station will be throwing open the station doors to the public for an event that promises something for everyone on Saturday 10th June 2017.

From 11am to 5pm there will be plenty on display at the fire station on Wellington Road.  This is a great way for the community to discover more about Ellesmere Port Fire Station.

We would like as many people as possible to come along to our open day, have a great time and leave with some vital fire and road safety messages.

Firefighters will be joined on the day by other community groups and refreshments will be available to buy.

Attractions include:

  • face painting

  • fair ground rides

  • road traffic collision demonstration at 2pm

  • and much more... 

More info about Ellesmere Port Fire Station

Tyre safety checks for over 65s

Blue watch ran a tyre safety check with over 65s over the weekend of May 13-14.

The initiative is linked to UN Global Road Safety Week and saw crews speaking to people about tyre safety with the crews testing tyre pressures and tread depth as well as delivering general road safety and vehicle maintenance information.

Winter drink driving with Green Watch

Green Watch recently visited local drinking establishments to hand out leaflets in relation to Winter Drink Drive campaign at Old Hall Farm and Woodlands Pubs.

Rudolph the 'smoke alert' reindeer returns

Rudolph the 'smoke alert' reindeer is back at Ellesmere Port Fire Station - reminding everyone to test their smoke alarms.

Watch Manager Ant Fletcher said: “There is a serious message behind our festive visitor that can ultimately save lives. You are at least four times more likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm, so taking the time to test the smoke alarms in your home could be a truly lifesaving decision.

“We hope people will see Rudolph as another friendly prompt to make sure Christmas is remembered for the right reasons."

Sunny Days in Ellesmere Port

Green Watch dropped in to Sunny Days private day nursery on Vale Road. Watch Manager Paul Janion, along with Crew Manager Lyth and Firefighters Ardern and Mills met with 14 pre-school children who are learning about 'people who help us'.

They had a classroom session before giving the young people a tour of the fire engine, showing them all the equipment used at the different types of incidents the crews get called to.

Despite the cold the children really enjoyed the visit from the Watch.

It's pledge time for shoppers

Still getting into the spirit of road safety week, Ellesmere Port firefighters greet shoppers at the local ASDA. When it comes to road safety, every pledge helps!

Green Watch get drivers to take the pledge!

Green Watch braved the elements all in the name of road safety during National Road Safety Week. The crews chatted to drivers at the Civic Way Car Park, encouraging them to 'pledge' to drive safer.

Stay safe from burns

Green Watch went along to Whitby Heath School to hand out leaflets to children and parents in a bid to help keep them safe from burns involving hot water. The event supported National Burn Awareness Day and was a great success, especially as the crew took along the fire engine.

Fire engine tour and cycle safety

Elton Primary School was the destination for Green Watch as they went along to meet Reception Year and Years One and Two pupils. The crew showed the students around the fire engine and explained what all the equipment was used for, as well as telling them all about the role of a firefighter. 

The Watch took the opportunity to talk to both teachers and children about cycle safety, leaving some road safety goodies such as flashing bike lights, reflectors and high visibility armbands for the teachers to distribute.

Firefighter Jack Fellows said: "It was a lively visit with attentive listeners, all brimming with enthusiasm!"

Cycle safety information

A bucket of water becomes a bucket of (charity) cash

Green Watch recently held the Ellesmere Port annual Car Wash to raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity. It was a great day with many a happy customer leaving in a squeaky clean automobile.

On the day we also had the help of our On-Call colleagues so it was all hands to the sponge!

When we wrapped up at the end of the day, we'd managed to raise just under �250 for the Fire Fighter's Charity. A successful day all round!

Apprentices Think Drive Survive with White Watch

The Service's Road Safety team and White Watch held a Think Drive Survive course for a group of apprentices at the TTE Training Centre in New Bridge Road.

Think Drive Survive is a short stimulating event for young road users, where they are exposed to the risks associated with being a driver, rider, passenger or pedestrian.

Think Drive Survive intends to play a significant part in reducing the amount of death and injury on our roads. It promotes safer, more responsible attitudes towards road use by young people.

The course is presented by operational members of Cheshire's emergency services.

Ellesmere Port and friends get active in Cheshire!

Ellesmere Port crews joined Princes Trust at the Active Cheshire Team Games tournament in Chester.

The event was set up the charity Active Cheshire with the aim of promoting health and fitness across Cheshire and raising money for Active Cheshire and their partner charity, Princes Trust.  

Businesses from Halton and Warrington competed to be crowned the Active Cheshire Team Games Champion and, although our apprentices didn't win, they put in a fantastic effort and really enjoyed taking part too!

Ellesmere Port had a great day meeting and greeting families and showing the little ones around the fire engine. The kids loved sitting in the fire engine and being shown around all of the equipment by real firefighters. Their only concern was whether to sit in the red fire engine or the rainbow one! Luckily, crews were happy to let them have a go on both!

One of our former firefighters also helped out at the event, ensuring the rainbow fire engine got to it's destination safely and showing families and children around both fire engines.

Princes Trust also held a stand where volunteers and staff members worked hard all day promoting the programme and also promoting other great initiatives and events such as our upcoming FireChoir concert and our whole time and on call recruitment campaigns. The team also brought along a great jenga style learning game in which participants had to build a tower using building blocks attached to strings. This proved to be very popular (and at times very tense!)

Everyone had a great day and made a fabulous effort to engage with the public and promote the service. Well done!

Supporting Cycle to Work Day

White Watch crew members Mike Cooper, Clare Page and Stuart Guy started their day shift in the saddle when they cycled to work to support national Cycle to Work Day. The aim of the day is to encourage everyone to take to two wheels and cycle to work for at least one day.

Last year, tens of thousands of people helped mark the day by cycling to work. If you take to the road, either on two wheels or four, think bikes and follow our cycling safety advice.

Fire in the woods and help from a friend

We'd not long began our shift one day when we received the shout of 'fire in the woods!' We mobilised a pump and sped out to Neston until we reached the end of Haddon Lane. There, a long undulating track disappeared deep into the woods.  

It was clear the fire engine had gone as far as it could go.

Luckily, a local farmer, Ian, appeared to meet us and explained he knew the location of the fire and could take us in his small tractor, should we wish.

The fire was still half a mile away and we had discovered it was deep seated, burning away at the peat in the ground. Considering the distance and the resources at our disposal, we decided to utilise the tractor.

We managed to fit everything we needed onto the tractor's trailer including our Honda Pump and nine lengths of hose. We were then able to tap into a large pond that was around seven hose lengths away.

The Honda Pump worked well and we were able to put sufficient water on the fire before getting Ian's tractor to help us back with all the equipment again.

The crew would like to thank Ian for his assistance.

Joint training on station

Green Watch and on-call firefighters took part in joint training and took one fire engine down to Essar Oil Site in Ellesmere Port where they took part in foam training. 

The crew utilised the standard foam making equipment, carried on all front line appliances, to tackle kerosene fires (set by Essar Fire Crews). This gave the crews a unique opportunity to see how effective the foam is and to practice various techniques involved in the application of it.

Thanks must go to Essar for helping with this exercise.

1st Enable visit the fire station

We were pleased to welcome local adult disability group 1st Enable to the fire station.

16 people from the group enjoyed an action packed visit; they had a full tour of a fire engine and given demonstrations of some of the equipment we carry on them.

The visit was rounded off with a game of 'shoot the bottle off the traffic cone' where our guests got to have a go at aiming a hose reel jet.

A great time was had by all, visitors and firefighters alike!

Ellesmere Port's incredible open day!

Our annual open day was a great success this year, drawing in huge crowds and raising a total of �461 for the Fire Fighters Charity! We also had the good fortune of warm weather throughout the day, with only a smattering of rain in the beginning.

Our Road Traffic Collision demonstration was clearly the most popular event, with tonnes of people gathered around to watch. During the demonstration, the crew cut off the roof of the car before releasing a (mock) casualty using a stretcher.

As you can see from the photos, it was a fantastic day and everyone had a great time!

Wader training in the canal

Crews took a trip to the Manchester Ship Canal near Ellesmere Port where they undertook water wading training. They also practiced rescue techniques so they are able to rescue people from the water swiftly and safely.

Read all about firefighter involvement in water rescues.

Road safety at the zoo

Red Watch was at Chester Zoo at the weekend with a very serious road safety message for visitors to the attraction. They took along a fire engine for people to have a look round and a brake reaction device to demonstrate braking distances.

The Service works very hard to promote road safety and is grateful to organisations such as Chester Zoo who allow us to engage with their visitors to keep them safe.

Road safety advice.

Driving safety the offer of the day

Firefighters from Ellesmere Port braced the busy sales at shops in the area to pass on vital road safety messages to local residents.

Green Watch decided to take advantage of the hectic period between Christmas and New Year and remind people to think twice before getting back behind the wheel of their car on New Years Day if they have had a drink the night before.

Watch Manager Paul Janion said: “People know that they should not drive after having a drink but many of us forget that just because you have been to bed and it’s the next day, doesn’t mean you are safe to drive. The amount you have to drink impacts on the time it takes for the alcohol to leave your system and we felt that this was an important message to remind people of ahead of New Years Eve celebrations.

“Reminders like this are vital to the maintaining the safety of our roads and we are committed to doing all we can to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by collisions across Cheshire.”

Rudolph the ‘smoke alert’ reindeer

Ellesmere Port Fire Station has got a festive friend helping to remind the public to test their smoke alarms this month.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue advises people to test their smoke alarms once a month to make sure they work and firefighters in Ellesmere Port are hoping Rudolph the ‘smoke alert’ reindeer will be another welcome reminder.

Watch Manager Ant Fletcher said: “There is a serious message behind our festive visitor that can ultimately save lives. You are at least four times more likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm, so taking the time to test the smoke alarms in your home could be a truly lifesaving decision.

“We hope people will see Rudolph as another friendly prompt to make sure Christmas is remembered for the right reasons.”

Red Watch ride for charity

On the 12th of December, firefighters from Ellesmere Port's Red Watch and Tarporley Fire Station will be raising funds for Manchester Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey Hospital.

Crews dressed as Santa and his reindeer will ride the 'Tarporley Flyer Flametamer 2' from Tarporley to Manchester and then on to Liverpool to support the hospitals.

Money raised from the challenge will also support the Fire Fighters Charity.

Road safety messages driven home to shoppers in Ellesmere Port

Firefighters from Ellesmere Port have been targeting shoppers at Sainsbury’s and Cheshire Oaks for Brake Road Safety Week (23 to 29 November).

As the weather took a turn colder they used the safety week as an opportunity to encourage people to recognise the changes in the road and driving conditions in the winter months.

Watch Manager Garry Sawdy said: “We always like to have leaflets to leave people with so they remember our key safety messages but it is also great to chat to so many people from the local community. We are committed to reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads and so we are delighted to support Brake with this important campaign."

Firefighters tackle coal fire at Ellesmere Port docks

Firefighters from Ellesmere Port's Red Watch were left looking a little grubby after tackling a fire in a 500 tonne pile of coal at Ellesmere Port Docks.

The fire, which was extinguished using a hose reel jet, was believed to have been caused by a piece of coal overheating.

A thermal imaging camera was used to monitor the coal after crews noticed that temperatures within the pile had risen by around 40 degrees. Firefighters dampened down the remaining coal and ensured that the scene was safe before leaving the incident.

Green Watch have a busy Bonfire night

Firefighters from Ellesmere Port's Green Watch were extremely busy this Bonfire Night, attending 15 incidents in the space of around 12 hours.

Crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to respond to 999 calls and make sure people could enjoy themselves out of harms way by providing safety advice at unofficial bonfires.

Firefighters had to take action at several incidents including ventilating a flat where a firework had gone through a window and extinguishing a fire in a skip containing building waste, which was creating a significant amount of smoke.

They also extinguished several bonfires that had been left unsupervised or contained unsuitable materials such as plastic, which can be damaging to people and the environment when burned.

Residents given safety advice over Bonfire period

Firefighters in Ellesmere Port have been out and about in the lead up to Bonfire night highlighting the dangers of fire.

Last year crews dealt with a number of outdoor fires that were not being responsibly managed by an adult resulting from rubbish being set alight.

Watch Manager Garry Sawdy said: “Whilst we expect to be dealing with more reports of fires in the open at this time of year we always aim to educate people as much as we can about the dangers and how they can help us reduce the number of nuisance fires in the area.

“Fire is never something to be messed with and we encourage people to go to organised displays rather than starting their own fires. Residents can also reduce the risks of arson by ensuring their wheelie bins are stored away.”

The crew has been out in hotspot areas talking to local residents and handing out information leaflets.

During the bonfire period anyone can report piles of rubbish in public areas to Street Scene on 0300 123 7026 and it will be removed.

Two men awarded for bravery after Ellesmere Port fire

Two members of the public who saved the life of a 94-year woman in Ellesmere Port after rescuing her from a house fire have been given an award from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock awarded the men a Community Award at Ellesmere Port Fire Station for their brave actions that ultimately saved the woman’s life.

Chris Johnston, 34, from Liverpool, and Lucas Cooper, 26 from Ellesmere Port were invited to an awards ceremony where they also met the family of Florence Millichap who were keen to express their gratitude to the men.

Geoff Millichap, her son, said: “I am so glad they were there, if it hadn’t been for them I would have lost my mum that day and to live with that is just terrifying to think about. I just can’t thank them enough and I am so happy I got to do it face to face.”

Chris,who works for Plus Dane Housing was driving back to work just before 1.30pm on 5 November 2014. As he drove past a house on Oliver Lane in Great Sutton he noticed smoke coming from the property.

He pulled over and banged on the front door but got no answer. He was then joined by the neighbour, Lucas, who came over to see what was going on and Chris went around the back of the house after calling Cheshire Fire.

He opened the back door but was faced with a wall of smoke and flames. He shouted out to see if anyone was inside and heard a woman call out but because of the thick black smoke he couldn’t see her.

Chris said: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard someone call out and I was just determined to get in there somehow. It was like someone turned a switch on in my head and I knew I just had to get her out.”

The smoke was low down and it was far too dangerous to go inside. Lucas Cooper then joined Chris and as they looked through the patio doors they could see Mrs Millichap lying on the floor closeby. They used a concrete flower pot to smash the glass doors and rescued her just as the firefighters arrived at the scene.

Lucas said: “It was really distressing to know that someone was trapped inside and we had the opportunity to save them and you just feel helpless. Luckily she was quite near the patio doors so we didn’t have to go far inside the house once we had smashed them.”

The firefighters provided first aid when they arrived and extinguished the blaze,the cause of which was deemed to be electrical.

Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock said: “There is no doubt that the actions of these brave men ultimately saved the lady’s life and they certainly deserve recognition for what they did.

“We would never encourage anyone to go inside a burning building and thankfully the thick black smoke prevented them going inside the house, but they did not give up on finding the victim and her family is understandably truly thankful to them. These men deserve recognition for their tenacity and this award is our way of acknowledging their bravery.”

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has also nominated the two men for a national award in the Adult Hero category of the Fire Fighters Charity annual Spirit of Fire Awards.

Both men are very modest about the recognition. Chris said: “I feel like anyone would have done what we did, we were just in the right place at the right time but I do feel proud as I know if we had not been there the poor lady probably would not be alive today.”

Lucas added: “I feel emotional and proud that we rescued the lady and prolonged her life and it is just overwhelming to think that something we have done has been recognised like this.”

Events Calendar

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