Community Fire Protection

Risk assessment by an employeeThe primary role of the Community Fire Protection (CFP) department is to ensure fire safety legislation is enforced.

In addition the department proactively works to promote fire protection systems and safe practices in the workplace and is responsible for reducing Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals (UwFS), "false alarms", from automatic fire alarms.

Inspections of workplaces

Fire Safety officers undertake inspections of various workplaces within the community (cinemas, schools, care homes, shops, factories etc), comment on plans submitted for Building Regulations approval and supply specialist advice to other agencies such as Borough Council Licensing Departments.

Local Community Fire Protection Offices

The Service provides technical and managerial support to its three CFP offices from CFRS headquarters at Winsford. The CFP offices are strategically based within Cheshire to ensure we provide the best possible service to the local community and our partners in local government.

Community Fire Protection offices

The CFP offices in Chester, Crewe and Warrington are available to visit or contact, in person, by telephone during normal office hours and also by email . Officers are, however, available to carry out inspections outside these hours and at weekends should the CFRS become aware of a serious risk to life.

Data Management

The department is currently implementing a new high-tech system of data management. This system will help us to ensure we target our inspection programme at the higher risk premises. The system will also allow the Emergency Response department to use the information obtained during inspections for emergency planning and to ensure the number of fire engines sent to a 999 call matches the risk. 

Purpose of CFP

To make Cheshire, Halton and Warrington safer by way of enforcement of fire safety legislation and working with partners to reduce risk. To reduce the impact of fire by:

  • Ensuring fire safety protection is designed into new or materially altered homes, offices and other buildings. This involves working closely with Building Control to ensure Building Regulation standards are met

  • Inspection, through Fire Safety legislation, which sets out employers' and others' responsibilities for providing and maintaining a safe environment

  • Education that supports Fire Safety legislation enforcement and community fire safety initiatives which aim to promote fire safe behaviour


Conduct a programme of fire safety re-inspections targeted at the higher risk premises.

Increase the number of premises fitted with sprinkler systems and smoke detectors by working closely with relevant partners.

Reduce the number of unwanted automatic fire alarm signals by way of proactively working with the 'responsible person' for the system.

Work closely with the business community through Cheshire's Fire Liaison Panel.

Carry out general fire safety inspections, employing a risk assessed approach within the limits of the Service provided by law.

Reduce the impact of arson on the business community by way of education, inspection and enforcement.

Work closely with Building Control to design-out fire safety risks.

The Departmental Management Structure

Area Manager

Based at CFRS headquarters in Winsford the Area Manager provides the strategic direction for the department.

Group Managers

Based at CFRS headquarters the department's two Group Managers are responsible for managing Policy and Service Delivery.

Station Managers

Station Managers are based in all the CFP offices and, according to role, are responsible for managing the office, inspection teams or providing technical support from CFRS Headquarters.

Watch Managers/Technical Fire Safety Officers

Watch Managers carry out the majority of fire safety inspections within the community supported by Station Managers as complexity of task increases. They also undertake the majority of UwFS reduction work, providing support and advice to alarm owners. Officers are responsible for managing a portfolio of premises within their office area to ensure Service users receive consistency of enforcement and advice.

Administrative Support

Support staff work from CFRS headquarters and the three fire protection offices in order to provide the necessary administration systems for the Service. Staff manage our new Community Fire Risk Management Information System (CFRMIS), and process the various plans, maps, letters and notices required of our department.

Community Fire Protection Centres

We help with fire safety advice and have a pro-active approach to fire safety education in the community.

Warrington 01925 634593

Chester 01244 322222

Crewe 01270 213246

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