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Safety Campaigns

Motorbike safety video created by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
Tips on how to prevent a grass fire
Video containing information about the new penalties that came into force from 1st March 2017 for motorists who are caught using a mobile phone when driving
Love chips? Traditional chip pans can cause fatal fires. This video provides tips on how to cook chips safely
Video about the importance of smoke alarms in the home.
Short video for drivers about the two second rule.
Elf on the shelf Christmas safety video.
The video shows a still life scene of paramedics and firefighters who attend to a man who has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident after having a Christmas drink.
Video highlighting the importance of an escape plan, just in case you have a fire at home
Cheshire firefighters' top 12 tips for a safe Christmas
We would like to encourage residents to attend an organised bonfire this year.
Video - tips on how to stay safe on Bonfire Night
Video containing safety tips for drivers, to help keep drivers safe during periods of heavy rain
If your clothes catch fire STOP, DROP and ROLL
Following a burn or scaled - cool, call and cover
Video with tips on how to stay fire safe at work
A video to encourage residents to check that their home is fire-safe ready for the Olympics. Go for GOLD in fire safety.
Video with tips on how to stay safe on the roads during the Euro 2016 football games
Video with tips on how to cook safely during the Euro 2016 football games
Safety advice for boat owners
Safety advice for owners of caravans
Over the past five years more than half the fires in Cheshire were started deliberately. This video gives tips on how you can help to prevent arson
Pancake Day is the day when people reach for the frying pan, lemon and sugar - but some people end up needing the Fire and Rescue Service too.
Valentine's day safety video
Video - Test your smoke alarm every Tuesday
Safety tips for people camping at a music festival
Video containing tips on how to stay safe on the motorway
Tips from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service on how to stay safe if you are near open water
Electrical safety advice
Video - chimney fire safety advice
Landlords across Cheshire are being urged to act now to ensure they stick to new safety laws aimed at saving dozens of lives a year. New regulations came into effect in 2015.
Video - Barbecue fire safety tips
More than half of accidental fires at home are started by cooking - often when cookers and grills are left unattended. Stay safe when cooking!
Be a safety hero video created by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
Listen to our Dirty Grills Kill radio advert
We're urging you not to use traditional chip pans, because they can cause fatal fires. There are other options for cooking chips which will keep you and your family safer. Please opt for an alternative to chip pans.
Electrical appliances have become a staple of modern life - from fridges and phones to toasters or the TV, it's hard to think of how we would get by without a few electrically-powered essentials.
Buying and fitting smoke alarms could help you to save your home and the lives of your family.
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to think about the way they park their vehicles to prevent lives from being put at risk
Barbecue safety advice from Chef Brian Mellor
Fire safety tips for boat owners
Cooling off in rivers, canals, ponds, quarries and lakes can have deadly consequences.
Video that highlights the important steps that you should take to keep your home safe from fire
Video footage of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's kitchen safety vehicle.
Video containing home fire safety tips created by Cheshire fire and Rescue Service
Video showing how quickly a fire can start in a dirty grill pan in your kitchen.
A video demonstrating the impact a fire can have on a room when there are no sprinklers installed. This fire was started artificially on the bed and allowed to grow naturally. Note how the fire rapidly takes hold and how quickly the smoke travels. If this room had a sprinkler system fitted then the damage and spread of fire would have been greatly
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service proactively endorse the installation of sprinkler systems in domestic, industrial, commercial, educational and residential premises and as such we have a desire to work with our partners, developers and other stakeholders to ensure all new buildings and major refurbishments across our areas are designed and built to
Runcorn Fire Cadets road safety film 'Had a drink? Think Don't Drive' about the consequences of drink driving.
Sandbach Fire Cadets road safety film 'It only takes a second' about the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt
Congleton Fire Cadets road safety film, 'Too Fast, Too Late' about the consequences of speeding.
Please take extra care during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Many of the things we enjoy during this festive period, such as the fairy lights, candles, paper hats and decorations, can all be fire hazards when proper care is not taken.
A Happy Christmas from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
5 mins to make your home safe
Come Cook with me Radio advertisement
Safety information for students
Cooking competition video
5 save a life
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