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In 2007 Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service developed a full data sharing agreement with health and social care.

Permission from the Cheshire Health Caldicott Guardian (in 2008) allowed us access to the Cheshire East and Chester West and Chester's Exeter database.

We believe this to be a pioneering agreement, in sharing clients addresses and ages.

Based on this, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service developed risk profiles of individual wards across Cheshire.

This assisted us to deliver 47,500 Home Safety Assessments (HSAs) to people aged over 65, assisting us to reduce fire casualties and we will continue delivering HSAs to the remaining 67,000 individuals.

As part of the HSA, we used our opportunity of being in the home to raise awareness of the services and support provided by Age Concern UK and a contact assessment form was developed.

What is a contact assessment?

The contact assessment is the first stage of the Single Assessment Process - a national initiative to ensure that every over 65 year old is assessed for needs such as mobility aids, meals on wheels, or support with tasks such as housework, shopping, personal care, cooking, gardening and social networking.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service completed 8,020 contact assessments in 2008/09. Age Concern processed 2,454 requests for support from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, ranging from requests for information to specific support requests such as help with financial management and the provision of benefits. 891 clients (36%) received direct action or support from Age UK as part of their 'Supporting You' programme.

What is a Home Safety Assessment?

Cheshire, Halton and Warrington residents can arrange for a Firefighter or Community Safety Advocate to come to their home and assess any fire hazards that they find.

Advice will be given on how to make the home safer, what to do in the event of a fire and what to do if you are trapped by a fire. A smoke alarm will also be fitted free if your house is without one, with an explanation on how to maintain it correctly.


Starting Proactive Response Introducing New Gains Benefitting Older people and Reducing Dependency (SPRINGBOARD)

Book a Safe and Well Visit

We offer free 'Safe and Well Visit' for people who are aged over 65 and for people who are referred to us by partner agencies because they are considered to be at a particular risk.

Safe and Well Visits are available to Cheshire residents who are aged over 65. The visits will still incorporate the traditional fire safety information (and smoke alarm fitting), but will also offer additional advice on slips, trips and fall prevention; bowel cancer screening as well as offering additional support to those who wish to stop smoking, taking drugs or reduce their alcohol consumption.

Book a Safe and Well Visit

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