Deafness Support Network

Deafness Support Network

There are around 150,000 people registered as D/deaf in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton.

Northwich fire station personnel started a programme within its local community called "DASH 2000" (Disabled and Safer Home).

DASH 2000 involved extending the existing Home Fire Safety Assessments (HSAs) to include additional checks covering safety aspects for people with disabilities such as access, escape and safety.

Deafness Support Network (DSN) is a countywide organisation looking after all the needs of D/deaf people who come to its attention by referral or personal request.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service approached DSN with a proposal to fit specialist smoke alarms for D/deaf people.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Deafness Support Network have recruited a Deaf Persons Fire Safety Support Worker, who can also communicate in British Sign Language if necessary, to visit people in their homes to deliver Home Safety Assessments and fit specialist smoke alarms.

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Contact Details for the Deaf Persons Fire Safety Support Worker

Melanie Pitts

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service HQ
Prevention and Protection Dept
Sadler Road, Winsford

Telephone: 01606 868490


Social Media

You can now follow Mel on Twitter:

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Smoke Detector for D/deaf People

The alarm that is fitted is a mains powered unit with battery back up and consists of a smoke detector that, when activated, sounds as a normal detector with a wireless link to a Strobe light situated by the bed and, from this, a vibrating pad which is placed under the pillow or mattress allowing the deaf person to awake and escape from the fire .

Further information and contact details

If you need any further information or would like to book a Home Safety Assessment, please contact Melanie Pitts at either of the addresses below:

SMS Text Facility to book a Home Safety Assessment

Z Card

An innovative pocket sized 'Emergency signs' card has been developed in partnership between Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Deafness Support Network. The card includes basic sign language enabling firefighters and D/deaf community to communicate with each other in event of an emergency.

Request your Emergency signs card from your local Deafness Support Network centre, or fire station, or text 07624 808 300.

We have also launched a new text alert system for people in the D/deaf community in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. Receive free text messages from us,aimed at keeping you informed of safety campaigns, major incidents or events in your area of Cheshire. To receive the free text messages, simply register by visiting the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service website.

If you would like to book a Home Safety Assessment please text 07624 808 300 or go to the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service website.

Emergency Signs 'Z' Card - (new window PDF 879 KB)

999 SMS to the emergency services

Deafness Support Network has been working in partnership with many key organisations for a long time to find a suitable solution to allow a D/deaf people to contact 999.

The launch of an emergency service SMS (text message) enables D/deaf people to have access to an emergency service independently through the use of modern technology

REMEMBER: This is an emergency service and must only be used in an emergency.

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