Fire risk referrals and advice for carers

Living room after a fire

The information on this web page is for partner organisations, agencies and carers who may need to refer a client via Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's Fire Risk Referral process, because you think that the client is at risk from fire.

Is your client at risk from fire?

Are you a carer or a professional working with a vulnerable client and you think they are at risk of fire?  The following are some risk factors that may be apparent:

  • Targeted arson attack, or threat of arson.

  • Fire-setting activity within the household.

  • Unsafe home oxygen use.

  • Lack of working smoke detection in the property.

  • Burns to the person, clothing, bedding, carpets or furniture.

  • Overflowing ashtrays or cigarettes lying discarded around the property.

  • Immobility affecting the ability to escape in a fire.

  • Air-filled pressure relieving mattress user

  • Emollient cream user

  • Unsafe cooking practices such as pans or grill being left on when not in use.

  • Candle use for economic reasons.

  • Hoarder.

Note - This is not an exhaustive list.

What you should do?

Partner organisations, agencies and carers can use the following Fire Risk Referral process:

  • Explain the risk to the person and take any immediate steps to reduce the risk.

  • Obtain consent for you to contact Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service via a Fire Safety Risk Referral.

  • Contact 0800 389 0053. This is the number of a service called Message Pad who handle and pass back to us requests for Fire Safety Risk Referrals.

  • Explain to the person receiving the call that you wish to make a Fire Safety Risk Referral.

  • DO NOT discuss sensitive information or vulnerabilities whilst making the referral.

If you are not a partner organisations, agencies and carers, but you have a concern about a resident who is at risk of fire, then please complete the following 'Online Home Safety Check' with the resident:

Online Home Safety Check

Or, if the resident is over 65 years of age, you can refer them for a Safe and Well Visit:

Safe and Well Visit


Fire Risk Referral

When making a Fire Risk Referral you must provide the following:

  • Your name and your agency.

  • Confirmation of householder consent.

  • Householder details; their name, address, post code and a contact number.

  • The post code is essential so that the request can be assigned for completion.

  • Your contact details so that someone can contact you to confirm the appointment.

What happens next?

  • The referral details will be passed to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service who will make an appointment with the householder.

  • If you wish to discuss the circumstances of the referral or arrange a joint visit with a member of the Fire and Rescue Service contact 01606 868490.

Community Safety Data Privacy Statement

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service works to keep people safe at home, on the roads and in the community. In order to do this work we will often need the name and address of our service users.

To ensure people get the right services we may ask for further information such as age and any health requirements. This helps us to understand what peoples needs are and who else may be able to help.

We work closely with other agencies, and may offer assistance from other agencies such as Councils, Health Services, Adult and Children’s Services or Age Concern. We will usually explain if we want to share personal information with other agencies and allow people to say no if they prefer. This may mean that people will not get all the help they may need.

There are some circumstances where we will not be able to ask for agreement. This is where the law requires us to contact other agencies, usually relating to crime or where there is a serious risk to personal safety.

Want to know more about the use of personal information

We recognise that people trust us to handle information correctly and keep it safe. We will not use information for marketing, and we will only use it for the purpose we collected it.

If you want to know more details about how we use personal information, or if you would like to opt out of any of our services contact Community Safety on 01606 868490.

Further Information about sharing of information

Home visit - we record name, and address and any details about risks in the home, such as smoking, use of oxygen or disabilities.

We may share information with other agencies who can provide more help, and we will usually give the house holder the chance to say no if they don’t want us to share information. If house holders don’t want to give us information we may be unable to fully assist.

Fire-Safe - we work with children and young people who may be at risk of causing fires to try and change their behaviour.  These individuals may have been referred for our Fire-Safe work by the parent/guardian, school, Police or Children’s Services, or because we are concerned about a fire incident. We only provide Fire-Safe work with parent/guardian agreement and we aim to include parents or guardians in our work.

We recognise the privacy rights of those aged under 18. We must retain records of any work with children or young people in case of future queries.

We may have to share Fire-Safe information with other agencies if there is a significant risk or if we are required by law. Where possible we will advise before we share information but there may be exceptions to this.

Assisting Support - with householder consent we will provide person-specific information to Age UK to offer assistance to people over 65.

Safeguarding Referrals - in cases of abuse or neglect or where we feel the making of a safeguarding referral is appropriate we will refer matters to the local authority in accordance with Adult or Children’s Services referral procedures.

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Living room after a fire