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Bonfire Night - safety tips and a list of bonfires in Cheshire

BonfireThe Bonfire period in Cheshire was a busy time for Cheshire firefighters, but there were approximately 50% fewer bonfire related incidents this year compared with the same time period during the bonfire period in 2012.

Widnes Fire Station was the busiest fire station in Cheshire.

Incidents attended on Bonfire Night

See below for a list of bonfire related incidents that we attended on Bonfire Night, 5th November 2013.

Fire crews were mobilised to 72 incidents on Bonfire Night in Cheshire (between 07:00am on 5th November and 07:00am on 6th November). In 2012, we attended 97 incidents during this same time period.

The incidents attended by firefighters included bonfires that had got out of control as well as a number of arson incidents involving rubbish and wheelie bins. These include:

Incidents attended on 5th November 2013 (after 07:00am)

Incidents attended 6th November 2013 (before 7:00am)

More about incidents

Please use the following link to find ourt more about the incidents:

More about the incidents attended by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Bonfire Night safety tips

Key messages during the bonfire period:

Attend an orgainsed bonfire or firework display (see below for a list of organised bonfires in Cheshire).

Report anti social behaviour - contact Cheshire Police on 101

Report large quantities of combustible materials being piled up in a public areas (see below for contact numbers)

Bonfire Night tips and advice:

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