ASBO - Anti-social behaviour orders

ATF - Arson Task Force

BCP - Business Continuity Plan - sets out what the Service needs to do so it can continue in the event of a major emergency

BREEAM - The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

CAA - Comprehensive Area Assessment

CARP - Combined Aerial Rescue Pump

CCA - Civil Contingencies Act 2004

CFRMIS - Community Fire Risk Management Information System

CHAWREC - Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Racial Equality Council Cheshire Standards - locally determined standards of emergency response

CHWLRF - Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Local Resilience Forum

CLG - The Department of Communities and Local Government

CM - Crew Manager

COMAH - Control of Major Accident Hazard sites

CRB - Criminal Records Bureau

CSOs - Community Safety Officers

CSRP - Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership

CWIEP - Cheshire and Warrington Improvement and Efficiency Partnership

D/deaf - The word D/deaf is used to indicate all people with a hearing loss: Deaf, deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and Deafblind

DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Firelink - the new national radio project to support the regional control centre programme

Flashover - the term used to describe the phenomenon of the contents of a room simultaneously bursting in to flame

FSEC - the Fire Service Emergency Cover toolkit, specialist software to help assess risk and the best use of resources

HATOs - Highways Agency Transport Officers

HP - Hydraulic Platform

HSAs - Home Safety Assessments

HSE - Health and Safety Executive

IDeA  Improvement and Development Agency

IFE - Institution of Fire Engineers

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

IMS - Integrated Management System, computer system to co-ordinate financial and other support information

IPDS - Integrated Personal Development System

IRMP - Integrated Risk Management Plan

IRS - Incident Recording System

IRUs - Incident Response Units

ISA - Independent Safeguarding Authority

LAAs - Local Area Agreements, initiative to join up a number of agencies in the delivery of services against a series of agreed local indicators

LPSAs - Local Public Service Agreements, pacts between local and central government which guarantee extra funds provided key targets are met

LRF - Local Resilience Forum, body which brings together all key agencies for responding to major emergencies

LSPs - Local Strategic Partnerships, bodies responsible for bringing together public, private, voluntary and community groups to join up and improve local services

NFCC - National Fire Chiefs Council

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

NWAS - North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

NWDA - North West Development Agency

NWIEP - North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership

Outreach Fire Station - mobile units used by the Service which can be set up in the heart of a local community to help deliver safety projects

PESTLE - an analysis of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental issues facing an organisation

PISM - Post incident scene management, project to ensure lessons learned from fires and other emergencies are used to reduce risk in the future

RDS - Retained Duty System

RCC - Regional Control Centre, the national project for nine regional fire control centres

RMB - Regional Management Board - The National Framework requires all Fire Authorities to establish RMBs to assist collaboration and to deliver regional priorities

RRO - Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005, new Order which brought together 100 separate pieces of safety legislation into one, with the emphasis on risk assessment

RSLs - Registered Social Landlords

RTCs - Road Traffic Collisions

Total Place - A government initiative to map all public spending in a geographic area in order to reduce duplication and redesign services

TRVs - Targeted Response Vehicle, midi fire appliances designed to deal with smaller incidents

UPAs - Unitary Performance Areas, four geographical areas based on the boundaries of the four unitary councils and used by the Service to monitor performance at local level

UPMs - Unitary Performance Managers, four Service Officers who each manage one of the UPAs

Last updated: Thursday 14 June 2018