Core Values

We fully support the national fire and rescue service core values of:

  • service to the community

  • valuing all our employees

  • valuing diversity in the Service and the community

  • valuing improvement.

Cheshire culture and values

We have also developed our set of values setting out the attitudes, behaviour and culture which we expect of everyone associated with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

These are:

  • Aiming for excellence
    Constantly seeking ways to improve the things that we do and the way that we do them
  • Developing and respecting our people
    Valuing our people and constantly developing their diverse range of talents, learning from all that we do
  • Delivering our promises
    Acting with integrity and taking personal responsibility for making the right thing happen
  • Putting customers first
    Ensuring that our people and communities are at the heart of all that we do, striving to meet their differing needs and expectations
  • Promoting equality and diversity
    Embracing diversity and finding ways to improve our services and the safety and prospects for individuals and communities
  • Working together
    Working in partnership with others for the future of Cheshire and its citizens


Our vision is a Cheshire where there are no deaths, injuries or damage from fires and other emergencies.


Our mission is to help create safer communities, to rescue people and protect economic, environmental and community interests.

Aims and objectives

We have three aims around our core responsibilities of protecting, responding and developing an excellent organisation - each is underpinned by specific objectives:

To protect our communities and reduce local risks we will:

  • Maintain a detailed understanding of our communities and carry out risk analysis and
    assessment to identify the people and property most at risk

  • Deliver campaigns and projects to reduce antisocial behaviour and increase awareness of fire and road safety

  • Ensure fire safety legislation is implemented effectively.

In responding to emergencies we will:

  • Ensure plans and resources are in place to provide a flexible, efficient and resilient response to emergency incidents

  • Use intelligence and data to match resources to risk and demand

  • Ensure the safety of our people by providing them with the right equipment, training and skills.

In developing an excellent organisation we will:

  • Ensure our workforce is competent and able to deliver our vision

  • Inform and involve our communities and our staff in developing services and policies which are open, transparent and accountable

  • Deliver value for money services which maximise community safety and minimise our impact on the environment.

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