Race Equality

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is proudly committed to race equality and inclusion, both for our colleagues and our local communities. Much of our work is driven by the community engagement and partnership working, although the service does have an active BAME staff network. The service is an active member of the Asian Fire Service Association and this ensures we are able to access the latest research, best practices, promote job opportunities and we are able to access experts in race equality to help ensure we are doing everything we can to recruit and sustain the best talent within Cheshire.

Through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) work, our service actively promotes and raises awareness of various cultural, religious and national festivals and celebrations throughout the calendar year.

Why does Race Equality matter?

As a service, we are actively working to recruit people from diverse backgrounds in order to recruit and retain the best talent. It is also important to recruit a workforce that reflects the community its serves, so further recruitment of people from BAME and other underrepresented groups is a top priority for us.  

The focus of race equality is aimed at both staff and communities.  For our staff, it is about creating a working environment where diversity is embraced, where staff be themselves and where one’s cultural needs are met. Evidence shows that employees that are proud of their cultural heritage, nationality and ethnicity are more motivated, productive and perform better.

Through the service EDI work and BAME network, staff have a platform to voice and share ideas, which inform the service to where they can improve. Race, culture and religion are different, but they are often interlinked. Building a workplace where people can be practice a particular religion, celebrate a cultural festival and have a diverse range of needs is always embraced.  

With regards to our external focus, race equality is achieved through active community engagement and partnership working across the community and voluntary sector. As a service, we also work closely with various places of worship and faith based organisations to support BAME individuals and communities.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to Race Equality, please contact BAME@cheshirefire.gov.uk

Gypsy, Roma & Traveller History Month

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