Brigade Managers Pay and Performance Committee

This page contains an archive of agenda and minutes from the Brigade Manager Pay and Performance Committee meetings.

Archive of agendas

View the agenda for meetings held prior to June 2016

View the agenda for meetings held from June 2016 onwards.

Archive of minutes

View minutes of meetings held from June 2016 onwards.

The minutes for from meetings held prior to June 2016 can be found below.


8 January 2015 (new window, PDF 82KB)

19 March 2015 (new window, PDF 77KB)

30 September 2015 (new window, PDF 77KB)

12 January 2016 (new window, PDF 85KB)


11 November 2013 (new window, PDF 77KB)

10 January 2014 (new window, PDF 37KB)

9 June 2014 (new window, PDF 77KB)

12 November 2014 (new window, PDF 77KB)


25 May 2012 (new window PDF 76kb)

15 November 2012 (new window, PDF 77KB)

10 January 2013 (new window, PDF 78KB)

7 May 2013 (new window, PDF 77KB)

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