11 December 2013

Cheshire Fire Authority Meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 December2013 at 10.30am in the Lecture Theatre at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Winsford.


Here is the agenda for the the Cheshire Fire Authority Meeting.

Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public

1 Procedural Matters

Notes for Members of the Public (new window, PDF 16KB)
A Apologies for Absence

B Chair's Announcements

C Declaration of Members' Interests

D Minutes of the Fire Authoirty held on 18 September 2013 (new window, PDF 129KB) 

E Minutes of Policy Committee held on 27 November 2013 (new window, PDF 98KB) 

F Minutes of the Performance & Overview Committee held on 25 September 2013 (new window, PDF 123KB)
G Minutes of the Performance & Overview Committee held on 4 December 2013 (new window, PDF 104KB)

H Minutes of the Governance & Constitution Cmmittee held on 8 November 2013 (new window, PDF 98KB)

I Minutes of the Pay & Performance Committee held on 11 November 2013 (new window, PDF 77KB)

J Notes of the Members training & Development Group held on the 26 September 2013 (new window, PDF 81KB)

Items Requiring Discussin/Decission

Item 2 Annual Audit Letter 2012-13 (new window, PDF 11KB)

Annex (new window, PDF 329KB)

Item 3 2014-15 Draft Budget, Council Tax and medium Term Financial Plan (new window, PDF 51KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 26KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 26KB)

Item 4 Fire & Rescue National framework Statement of Assurance (new window, PDF 29KB)

Annex (new window, PDF 244KB)

Item 5 Initial Feedback - Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan 2014-15 (IRMP 11) (new window, PDF 33KB)

Item 6 Approval of revised sections of the Fire Authority Constitution (new window, PDF 42KB)

Appendix (new window, PDF 1785KB)
Item 7 North West Fire Control (new window, PDF 91KB)

Item 8 Twelve Month Review of the Unwanted Fire Signal (UwFS) Policy (new window, PDF 152KB)

Item 9 Programme of members Meetings 2014/15 (new window, PDF 21KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 108KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 16KB)

Item 10 Smoke Alarm Campaign (new window, PDF 25KB)

Appendix (new window, PDF 21KB)

Part 2 - Business to be considered in private


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