12 February 2014

Meeting of Cheshire Fire Authority

Date: 12 February 2014

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Fire Service Headquarters, Winsford.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public

1 Procedural Mathers

Notes for Members of the Public (new window, PDF 16KB)

A Apologies for Absence

B Chair's Announcement

C Declaration of Members' Interests

D Minutes of the Fire Authority held on 11 December 2014 (new window, PDF 142KB)

E Minutes of the Policy Committee held on 29 January 2014 (new window, PDF 100KB)

F Minutes of the Performance & Overview held on 5 February 2014 (new window, PDF 111KB)

G Minutes of the Brigade Managers Pay & Performance held on 10 January 2014 (new window, PDF 87KB)

H Notes of the Members Training & Development Group held on 19 December 2013 (new window, PDF 79KB)

I Appointment of Internal Auditors  (Update provided)

Items Requiring Discussion/Decisions

2 2014-15 Draft Budget, Council Tax and Medium Term Financial Plan (new window, PDF 79KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 105KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 104KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 96KB)

Appendix 4 (new window, PDF 92KB)

Appendix 5 (new window, PDF 39KB)

Appendix 6 (new window, PDF 16KB)

Appendix 7 (new window, PDF 32KB)

Appendix 8 (new window, PDF 50KB)

3 Integrated Risk Management Plan 2014-15 (IRMP11) (new window, PDF 49KB)

4 Lymm Safety Centre (new window, PDF 48KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 1176KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 9KB)

5 Treasury Management Strategy and practices 2014-115 (new window, PDF 35KB)

Appendix 1-2 (new window, PDF 201KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 184KB)

6 Pay Policy Statement (new window, PDF 26KB)

Appendix A (new window, PDF 35KB)

7 Review of Insurance Arrangements (new window, PDF 43KB)

8 Primary Authority Scheme (new window, PDF 36KB) 

9 Review of Members Allowance (new window, PDF 26KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 118KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 117KB)

10 Exclusion of the Press and Public (new window, PDF 14KB)

Part 2 - Business to be considered in public

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