13 February 2013

Fire Authority Committee meeting held on 13 February 2013.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in Public

1 Procedural Matter

Notes for the Public (new window, PDF 16KB)

A Apologies for Absence

B Chairs Announcements

C Declaration of Members' Interests

D Minutes of the Fire Authority held on 12 December 2012 (new window, PDF 116KB) 

E Minutes of the Policy Committee held on 30 January 2013 (new window, PDF 98KB)

F Minutes of the Performance & Overview Committee held on 6 February 2013

G Minutes of the Governance & Constitution held on 8 February 2013

H Minutes of the Pay & Performance Committee meeting held on 10 January 2013 (new window, PDF 78KB)

I Minutes of the Staffing Sub Committee held on 30 January 2013 (new window, PDF 79KB)

J Notes of the Members Training & development Group held on 20 December 2012 (new window, PDF 89KB)

K Urgent Business - Standing Order 3.84 to 3.86 (new window, PDF 59KB)

Response to Consultation - A New Governance Model for West Cheshire

The closing date for the consultation did not allow sufficient time for the matter to be considered at this Fire Authority meeting and approval was sought as Urgent Business.

The Attached response explains the Fire Authority's position and was approved by Councillor J Joyce, Councillor D Topping and Councillor M Biggin.

Annex 8 (new window, PDF 59KB)

For your reference, if you wish to access the Consultation Document issued by Cheshire West and Chester Council, please follow this link:

Governance Consultation Document (new window, PDF 630KB)

L Appointment of Member Champion - Health and Safety

M Appointment to Healthy Hearts Runcorn Training Gym Board


2 Integrated Risk Management Plan 2013-14 (IRMP10) (new window, PDF 58KB) 

IRMP 10 (new window, PDF 1628KB)

Full Consultation Report (new window, PDF 3770KB)

3 Final Budget Report (new window, PDF 99KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 26KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 14KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 11KB)

Appendix 4 (new window, PDF 10KB)

Appendix 5 (new window, PDF 11KB)

Appendix 6 (new window, PDF 16KB)

Appendix 7 (new window, PDF 16KB)

Appendix 8 (new window, PDF 36KB)

4 Members Allowance CFA Report (new window, PDF 29KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 48KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 40KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 115KB)

5 review of Operational Assurance and Peer Visit (new window, PDF 32KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 218KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 159KB)

6 Pay Policy Statement (new window, PDF 30KB)

Appendix (new window, PDF 32KB)

7 Treasury Management Strategy and Practices 2013-14 (new window, PDF 34KB)

Appendix 1 -2 (new window, PDF 137KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 188KB)

Part 2 -Business to be considered in private

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