17 June 2015

Annual General Meeting of the Fire Authority

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Time 10.30am

Fire Service Headquarters, Winsford.


Part 1  - Business to be discussed in Public


Notes for Public (new window, PDF 17KB)

A Recording of Minutes

B Apologies for Absence

C Appointments for the Fire Authority

Representing Cheshire East Borough Council (5 Con, 2 Lab, 1 Ind)

Conservative        Labour                Independent

Cllr D Marren        Cllr Bailey           Cllr Mahan
Cllr P Mason         Cllr D Flude
Cllr G Merry
Cllr M Simon
Cllr J Weatherill

Representing Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council
(3 Con, 4 Lab)

Conservative          Labour

Cllr R Daniels        Cllr P Booher
Cllr S Parker          Cllr J Mercer
Cllr N Wright          Cllr B Rudd
                              Cllr T Sherlock

Representing Halton Borough Council (3 Lab)


Cllr P Harris
Cllr S Nelson
Cllr R Polhill

Representing Warrington Borough Council (4 Lab, 1 Lib Dem)

Labour                        Liberal Democrat

Cllr P Carey                Cllr M Biggin
Cllr J Joyce
Cllr L Morgan
Cllr S Wright

D   Election of Chair

E   Election of Deputy Chair

Note: The Chair and Deputy must be from different constituent authorities.  If an election takes place votes will be cast by secret ballot
until one Member receives more than half the votes cast.

F    Appointment of group Spokespersons

G   Appointment of Lead Member

Note: if the  Members appointed by a constituent authority are unable to make an appointment of a Lead Member to represent their constituent authority the Fire Authority will do so.

H   Chair's Announcements

I   Declaration of Members' Interests

J Minutes of Fire Authority meeting 22 April 2015 (new window, PDF 127KB)

K Minutes of Staffing Committee 22 April 2015 (new window, PDF 103KB)

L Annex 3 to Item 1 Appointments to Committees (new window, PDF 34KB)

L  Appendix 1 to Annex  3 Fire Authority responsibilities

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 Policy Committee (new window, PDF 11KB)

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 List of Plans (new window, PDF 13KB)

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 P&O (new window, PDF 12KB)

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 G & C (new window, PDF 15KB)

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 Pay & Performance (new window, PDF 13KB)

L Appendix 2A to Annex 3 Members T&DG (new window, PDF 27KB)

L Appendix 2B to Annex 3 Political Proportionality Rules (new window, PDF 71KB)

L Appendix 2C to Annex 3 Appointments to Committees (new window, PDF 143KB)

L Appendix 3 to Annex 3 Outside Bodies - Information (new window, PDF 79KB)

M Annex 4 Timetable Members meeting 2015 (new window, PDF 17KB)

N LGA Annual Conference: 30 June - 2 July
To note the Members who will be attending the LGA Annual Conference on behalf of Cheshire Fire Authorirty

O Constitution
Members are asked to adopt the constutution which contains the following sections:

Section 1 - Cheshire Fire Authority
Section 2 - Key Documents
Section 3 - Members decision Making Bodies
Section 4 - Procedural Matters
Section 5 - Outside Bodies
Section 6 - Members' Roles
Section 7 - Protocols
Section 8 - Members' Code of Conduct
Section 9 - Members' Allowance Scheme
Section10 - Financial Regulations
Section 11 - Scheme of Delegations

A copy of the Constitution can be accessed on the Service's web-site (https://www.cheshirefire.gov.uk)


2 End of Year Financial and Performance review 2014-15 (new window, PDF 154KB)

2 Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 34KB)

2 Appendix 1a (new window, PDF 40KB)

2 Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 37KB)

2 Appendix 3 Finance (new window, PDF 27KB)

2 Appendix 3 ICT (new window, PDF 37KB)

2 Appendix 3 Legal & Democratic (new window, PDF 42KB)

2 Appendix 3 OPA (new window, PDF 39KB)

2 Appendix 3 People & Development (new window, PDF 45KB)

2 Appendix 3 Planning Performance & Communications (new window, PDF 45KB)

2 Appendix 3 Prevention & Protection (new window, PDF 55KB)

2 Appendix 3 Property Management (new window, PDF 39KB)

2 Appendix 3 Service Delivery (new window, PDF 41KB)

2 Appendix 4 Corporate Performance Scorecard (new window, PDF 72KB)

3 Publication of Planning for a Safer Cheshire 2015-20 (new window, PDF 32KB)

4 Members Development Programme 2015-16 (new window, PDF 19KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 307KB)

4 Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 740KB)

5 Fire Station Build Programme (new window, PDF 28KB)

Part 2 - Business to be discussed in private


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