30 March 2016

Cheshire Fire Authority committee meeting held on 30th March 2016 at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public


A Recording of meeting

B Apologies for Absence

C Chair's Announcements

D Declaration of Members' Interests

E Minutes of the Fire Authority held on 10th February 2016 (new window, PDF 142KB)

   E - Minutes - Appendix A (new window, PDF 14KB)

F Minutes of the Performance and Overview Committee held on 24th February 2016 (new window, PDF 120KB)

G Minutes of the Staffing Committee (new window, PDF 23KB)

H Minutes of the Brigade Managers' Pay and Performance Committee (new window, PDF 23KB)


2 External Audit Plan and Update in respect of the Authority's Accounts for 2015-16 (new window, PDF 18KB)

   2 - Appendix  (new window, PDF 302KB)

3 Internal Audit Plan 2016-17 (new window, PDF 21KB)

   3 - Appendix (new window, PDF 562KB)

4 Firefighter Apprenticeship Scheme (new window, PDF 931KB)

5 Blue Light Collaboration - Progress (Including people Strategy) (new window, PDF 34KB)

   5 - Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 637KB)

   5 - Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 111KB)

   5 - Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 10KB)

   5 - Appendix 4 (new window, PDF 11KB)

   5 - Appendix 5 - Proposal Images HQ 1 (new window, PDF 3328KB)

   5 - Appendix 5 - Proposal Images HQ 2 (new window, PDF 3662KB)

6 Senior management Collaboration Opportunity (new window, PDF 12KB)

Part 2 - Business to be discussed in private


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