3 August 2012

Meeting of the Governance and Constitution Committee held on 3rd Aug 2012.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public

Notes for Members of the Public (new window PDF 14kb)


A Chair and Membership of Committee 2012/13
Members are asked to note the appointment of a Chair and membership to this Committee (formally Standards Committee) for 2012/13, as agreed by the Fire Authority at its Annual General Meeting on 13 June 2012 and listed below:
H Mundry - Chair
M Biggin
J Leather
B Livesley
R Polhill
T Sherlock

Members are also reminded that Mr R Garner, Mr W McBride and Mr W Ravenscroft attend this Committee in a non-voting advisory capacity.

Finally, Members are asked to note the new Terms of Reference for this Committee, as agreed by Fire Authority at its Annual General Meeting on 13 June 2012 (new window PDF 14kb)

B Apologies for Absence

C Declaration of Members' Interests
Members are reminded that the Fire Authority adopted a new Members' Code of Conduct in June 2012 which requires them to disclose any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests that relate to items of business on the agenda.

D Minutes of the Standards Committee confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting of the Standards Committee held on Wednesday 16 May 2012 (new window PDF 78kb)


2 Appointment of Independent Persons - Process (new window PDF 25kb)

Appendix 1 (new window PDF 21kb)

Annex 1 (new window PDF 82kb)

Annex 2 (new window PDF 75kb)

Annex 3 (new window PDF 16kb)

Annex 4 (new window PDF 33kb)

Annex 5 (new Window PDF 21kb)

Annex 6 (new window PDF 21kb)

Annex 7 (new Window PDF 78kb)

3 Procedure for Dealing with Complaints about a Breach of the Members' Code of Conduct - Appeal (new window PDF 24kb)

There are no items to de discussed in private

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