8 November 2013

Meeting of the Governance and Constitution held on 8th November 2013.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public

1 Procedural Matters

A Apologies for Absence

B Declaration of Members' Interests

C Minutes of the Governance & Constitution Committee held on 26 June 2013 (new window, PDF 96KB)

Items Requiring Discussion/Decision

Item 2 Code of Corporate Governance and Fire & Rescue National framework Statement of Assurance (new window, PDF 323KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 162KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 163KB)

Appendix 3 (new window, PDF 157KB)
Appendix 4 (new window, PDF 166KB)

Appendix 5 (new window, PDF 192KB)

Appendix 6 (new window, PDF 193KB)

Appendix 7 (new window, PDF 20KB)

Appendix 8 (new window, PDF 52KB)

Item 3 Members Interests - Guidence from the Government (new window, PDF 34KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 64KB)

Item 4 Redrafting the Fire Authority Constitution (new window, PDF 30KB)

Appendix 1 (new window, PDF 21KB)

Appendix 2 (new window, PDF 78KB)

There are no items to be discussed in private

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