4 December 2013

Performance and Overview Committee Meeting on 4th December at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.


Part 1 - Business to be discussed in Public

1 Procedural Matters

Notes for Public (new window, PDF 14KB)

A Apologies for Absence

B Declaration of Members' Interests

C Minutes of the Performance & Overview Committee held on 25 September 2013 (new window, PDF 123KB)

D Minutes of Policy Committere held on 27 November 2013 (new window, PDF 97KB)

Items requiring Discussion/Decision

Item 2 Mid Year Financial and Performance Review 2013-14 (new window, PDF 52KB)

Appendix 1 Revenue Budget (new window, PDF 46KB)

Appendix 2 Capital Programme (new window, PDF 57KB)

Appendix 3 Updated Corporate Performance Scorecard (new window, PDF 53KB)

Appendix 4 Community Fire Protection (new window, PDF 34KB)

Appendix 4 Community Safety (new window, PDF 35KB)

Appendix 4 Finance (new window, PDF 32KB)

Appendix 4 ICT (new window, PDF 28KB)

Appendix 4 Legal & Democratic (new window, PDF 29KB)

Appendix 4 Operational Policy & Assurance (new window, PDF 25KB)

Appendix 4 People & Development (new window, PDF 43KB)

Appendix 4 Planning, Performance & Communication (new window, PDF 34KB)

Appendix 4 Property Maintenance (new window, PDF 31KB)

Appendix 4 Service Delivery (new window, PDF 35KB)

Item 3 Community Fire Protection Prosecutions update (new window, PDF 47KB)

Appendix A (new window, PDF 28KB)

Item 4 Interim Bonfire Report (Verbal Update)

Item 5 Forward Work Programme (new window, PDF 46KB)


There is no business to be discussed in private

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