5 December 2012

Meeting of Performance and Overview Committee on 5th December 2012 at 10am at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters in Winsford


Here is the agenda for the Performance and Overview Committee meeting.

Part 1 - Business to be discussed in public

1 Procedural Matters

Notes for members of the Public (new window, PDF 14KB)

A Apologies for Absence

B Declaration of Members' Interests

C Minutes of the Performance & Overview Committee held on 3 October 2012 (new window, PDF 105KB)

D Minutes of the Policy Committee held on 14 November 2012 (new window, PDF 89KB)

Items Requiring Discussion/Discussion

2 Revised Promotion Process - Verbal Update

3 Mid Year Financial and Performance Review 2012-13 (new window, PDF 45KB) 

Appendix 1 Finance report (new window, PDF 43KB)

Appendix 2 Capital (new window, PDF 19KB)

Appendix 3 Corporate Scoreboard Q2 (new window, PDF 24KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 CFP Summary Report (new window, PDF 67KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 CS Summary report (new window, PDF 56KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Employees Services Business Improvement Summary report (new window, PDF 64KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Facilities and ERR Summary Report (new window, PDF 53KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Finance (new window, PDF 58KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 HR & Development Summary report (new window, PDF 72KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 ICT Summary report (new window, PDF 59KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Legal & Democratic Services Summary report (new window, PDF 58KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Operational Policy & Assurance (new window, PDF 73KB) 

Appendix 4 Q2 Operational Service Delivery Summary report (new window, PDF 60KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Planning Performance & Communications (new window, PDF 60KB)

Appendix 4 Q2 Transport Summary (new window, PDF 51KB)

4 Internal Audit Plan (new window, PDF 21KB)

Annex 1 to Internal Audit Plan (new window, PDF 325KB)

5 Injury Pensions (new window, PDF 26KB)

6 Forward Work Programme (new window, PDF 45KB)

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