6 February 2013

Performance and Overview Committee meeting on 6th February 2013 at 10am at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters in Winsford.


Here is the agenda for the Performance and Overview Committee meeting.

Part 1 - Business to be discussed in Public


Notes for the Public (new window, PDF 14KB)

A Apologies for Absence

B Declaration of Members' Interests

C Minutes of Performance & Overview Committee held on 5 December 2012  (new window, PDF 103KB)

D Minutes of Policy Committee held on 30 January 2013 (new window, PDF 97KB)


2 2012 Bonfire Report (new window, PDF 19KB)

Annex (new window, PDF 311KB)

Item 3 Six month review of the unwanted Fire Signals Policy (new window, PDF 75KB)

Item 4 Forward Work Programme (new window, PDF 47KB)

Part 2 - Business to be discussed in Private

There is no business to  be discussed in private

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