Cheshire Fire Authority Constitution

On this page you can view the contents of Cheshire Fire Authority's Constitution.

The Constitution is designed to give Members of Cheshire Fire Authority an introduction to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

It also provides a guide to the Authority's Standing Orders and procedures.

These include the terms of reference of the Authority and its Committees, the powers of officers, financial regulations and scheme of delegation and the Members' Allowances scheme.

Fire Authority Constitution

Constitution - December 2022 (new window, PDF 949KB)


Constitution - June 2022 (new window, PDF 1111KB)

Constitution - March 2022 (new window, PDF 1326KB)

Constitution - December 2021 (new window, PDF 1136KB)

Constitution - June 2021 (new window, PDF 1019KB)

Constitution - June 2020 (new window, PDF 777KB)

Constitution - June 2019 (new window, PDF 1443KB)

Constitution - June 2018 (new window, PDF 849KB)

Constitution - June 2017 (new window, PDF 2231KB)

Constitution - December 2016 (new window, PDF 1255KB)

Last updated: Monday 13 February 2023