Incident Command Training Suite

Incident command training suite
Probably the most advanced training and development facility of its kind in the country, the Incident Command Training Suite (ICTS) at Cheshire fire and Rescue Service headquarters in Winsford is in constant demand for both internal and external training.

The suite was designed to provide all incident commanders with the opportunity to develop and practice the full range of decision-making skills required in the most realistic training environment possible, saving the Service thousands of pounds in training costs.

While there is always a need for practical skills training in using equipment to fight fires and rescue people from vehicles, the use of virtual reality facilities is also a vital element now and in the future.

The Suite is operated by a team of officers and an IT expert. They work together to create training scenarios for both internal and external candidates. Some scenarios are based on real incidents that have happened either nationally or locally from which specific lessons have been learned. The operational team members provide the insight for the incident, which is then built using special software as a 3D environment.

Routine exercises can be created within a day, while the more involved ones that require a lot of customisation could take over a week to be perfected. As well as creating the scenarios, the team members facilitate them, injecting reality by role playing additional non-Service personnel such as police officers, ambulance personnel, civilians who could be found at incidents.

ICTS has won several awards, being recognised nationally as an innovative method of training.

As well as providing in-depth training for several fire and rescue service services, others that have benefited include Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station and Warrington Collegiate. Both of these organisations had specific scenarios created to suit incidents that could occur at their premises.

If you are interested in using the Incident Command Training Suite or would like to find out more information please contact Barry Rose on 01606 868700 or

Last updated: Tuesday 13 June 2017

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Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s incident command training suite
Incident command training suite