External Scrutiny Reports

Our Annual Governance statement which includes a summary of our external audits, is published within the Statement of accounts, (starting at page 82).

Here are the external scrutiny reports about Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Cheshire Fire Authority.

Annual Audit Letter 2019/20 (new window, PDF 465KB)

2012-13 audit report (new window, PDF 490KB)

Annual Governance report 2010-11 (New window PDF 322kb)

Annual Audit Letter 2010-11 (new window PDF 306kb)

Annual Audit Letter 2009/10 (new window PDF 243 KB)

Annual Governance Report 2008/2009 (new window PDF 230kb)

Annual Audit Fees letter April 2009 (new window PDF 22kb)

Cheshire Fire Authority's Audit and Inspection Plan 2008-9 (new window PDF 113.5 kb)

Annual Audit Letter 2009 (new window PDF 249kb)

Annual Governance Report 2007/2008 (new window PDF 96 kb)

Audit Commission - Cheshire Fire Authority's Use of Resources 2008 (new window PDF 105 kb)

Annual Audit Inspection Letter 2008 (new window PDF 123.7 kb)

Operational and Corporate Assessments and Peer Review

Following the introduction of Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) in local government in 2002, the Government set out its intention to develop a similar performance framework for fire and rescue authorities. CPA for fire and rescue services was introduced in 2005 and the Authority was rated as ‘good’, based on the results.

In 2006/7 the Government and Audit Commission introduced a new CPA performance framework based on three elements:

  • A use of resources assessment.

  • An assessment of improvement or deterioration in performance, measured through a scored direction of travel assessment.

  • A scored service assessment which had an emphasis on service delivery and included a performance information element and assessment of operational service delivery (provided by Government).

The Government published a revised CPA performance framework for the period 2007 to 2009, which set out the criteria for recategorisation of corporate assessments carried out in 2005. Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) replaced CPA in 2009 and the Authority was subject to an operational and organisational review.

Reports detailing scores for fire and rescue services, including Cheshire, can be accessed on the Audit Commission (archive) website:

Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) for fire and rescue services (opens in new window)

The system was replaced by a framework of peer reviews in 2011, facilitated by the Local Government Association and Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA). You can access information on this framework using the following link:

Fire Peer Challenge (opens in new window)

2012 Operational Assessment of Service Delivery

In July 2012, Cheshire Fire Authority underwent a Peer Review, as part of the new performance and improvement framework. The Review Team spent four days embedded within Cheshire in July 2012 and spent time speaking to a range of frontline and support staff, as well as elected Members, partners and stakeholders.

The Team had been invited in by the Fire Authority to provide an independent view on the Service’s future plans for change, in light of the funding issues and ongoing transformation of the Service.

In addition to a general health-check and review of leadership, capacity and governance there was also a focus on a number of other key areas, including learning and development, initial feedback on preparations for the North West Fire Control Project, ICT and asset management.

Here, you can access copies of the Authority’s Self Assessment and the final report produced by the Peer Team. The outcomes have been reported to Members at their meeting in February 2013 and an action plan outlining progress and implementation will be presented to the Performance and Overview Committee at their meeting in July 2013.

Operational Assessment and Fire Peer Challenge (new window, PDF 2212KB)

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Peer Challenge (new window, PDF 84KB)

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