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Does your service have a formal system that allows uniformed operational staff swap shifts. For example a firefighter who is due to work a Saturday can swap his work day with a firefighter who is rostered off? If so, does your service record these swaps and keep a running tally of the swaps for the individuals? What happens when one resigns or retires. Does your service have a way of dealing with any positive or negative balances for these swaps. For example the swap mentioned above what would happen if either of them then resigned or retired before the "pay back of the swap". Would the firefighter who got Saturday off have his final pay reduced because he never paid his day off back to the other firefighter? Or if the firefighter who worked the extra shift then retired or resigned. Would he receive a days pay for working the Saturday and the Firefighter that got the day off have to work a day to pay back the day off he got?


Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service does allow uniformed operational staff to swap shifts. Shift swaps are agreed locally and records are maintained on CFRS’s Workforce Planning System by local managers.

As shift swaps are managed locally, it is the responsibility of station based managers to ensure the swap process is administered fairly, taking into account factors such as staff leaving the service, as such the need has not arisen for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to deal with positive or negative balances for swaps.

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Last updated: Wednesday 19 February 2020