Electric Vehicle Fire Training

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The request is specific to your fire brigade and regards the issue of electric and hybrid vehicle fires in the UK. 1. Please tell me if fire fighters are provided with specific training related to hybrid vehicle fires, what this training comprises, and how long the training sessions are. 2. Please provide me with electronic copies of training documentation provided to fire fighters for electric vehicle fires. 3. Please tell me if your brigade has purchased extra equipment to tackle electric or hybrid vehicle fires. If so, please tell me what this equipment comprises.


A1. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service personnel receive the following information in relation to hybrid vehicles:-

  • RTC initial course - A power-point presentation on the types of hybrid vehicles, how to identify them, battery locations, isolation points.
  • E-learning & Assessment- Hybrid Drive Systems - This module covers, hazards, electric shock hazard, dry skin, safety systems, hazards in case of fire, PPE & safety precautions

A2. Please see attached.

A3. Cheshire FRS fire appliances carry a range of equipment to deal with vehicle fires. They also carry insulated hand tools and high voltage electrical gloves to deal with incidents involving electricity. No equipment has been issued to specifically deal with hybrid vehicles.

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Last updated: Thursday 17 May 2018