Fires in non-dwelling properties

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A list of all recorded fires in your jurisdiction for all non-dwelling properties that have occurred from 01 Feb 2017 up until the most recently available electronically recorded event. The data will include the following fields from the Incident Recording System: 1.1 - ID 2.1 - What was the time and date of call? 3.2 - What type of Property was involved? 4.2a - Building Name/Number 4.2b - Postcode 4.2c - Flat/Unit Name/Number 4.2d - Street 8.1 - What was the cause of the fire? 8.14 - What type of room/compartment did the fire start in (Location of Origin)? 8.22 - What was the extent of flame and heat damage (at stop)? 8.25 - What is the total horizontal area damaged (by flame and/or heat and/or smoke and/or water etc) in sq.m (at stop)? Note: we previously requested for and were provided this data from your fire service in Q1 2017 - we are simply requesting an update covering all fires occurring since then.


Please find attached all recorded fires in Cheshire for all non-dwelling properties between 1 February 2017 – 31 May 2018.


This information is up to date at the point of the last refresh on 31 May 2018, but may be subject to change with validation and/or further completion of incident records which may be currently outstanding.

NDP Data 1 (new window, Excel Document 32KB)

NDP Data 2 (new window, Excel Document 31KB)

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