Environmental Information

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) require us to publish Environmental information electronically. You can find out more information about the Environment by clicking here or by using the list below.

Under the EIR environmental information broadly means information about the elements of the environment such as land, water, biological organisms etc. It also includes measures of any activities which may affect these, including economic analysis of such measures and activities.

EIR gives individuals similar rights of access to rights given by the Freedom of Information Act, but only covers information about the environment.

Our environmental information:

If you want to request other information

If the environmental information that you require is not published on our web site, you can place a request with us. Making a Request

To find out more about the Environmental Information Regulations see Environmental Information Regulations (opens in new window)

There is no charge for environmental information published on our website. There may be a charge for information requests, and information requested in other formats.

Last updated: Tuesday 30 October 2018