To ensure that we are open and transparent over the way in which we spend money, we have published online details of all invoices over £500.

The links below give details by month of the invoices for over £500 which have been paid during the current financial year 2017-18 and previous years.

The invoices highlight the wide range of activities and work delivered by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service - from fitting smoke alarms to buying and maintaining specialist vehicles and appliances.

The Fire Authority is currently implementing an extensive emergency response programme which includes the building of four new fire stations, one of which incorporates an innovative safety and life skills centre. Total cost of the whole programme is expected to be around £15.5 million, which includes a wide range of contractor and consultant fees to help deliver the work. These will be an increasing feature on the monthly invoice sheets throughout 2014 and beyond.

If you have any queries, please email the finance team on We will respond to all questions as quickly as we can but some cases can involve detailed investigation and may take us up to the 20 working days maximum set out in our Freedom of Information policy.

Financial year 2019-20

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September 2019 (new window, PDF 106KB)

October 2019 (new window, PDF 101KB)

Financial year 2018-19

April 2018 (new window, PDF 113KB)

May 2018 (new window, PDF 112KB)

June 2018 (new window, PDF 73KB)

July 2018 (new window, PDF 104KB)

August 2018 (new window, PDF 120KB)

September 2018 (new window, PDF 82KB)

October 2018 (new window, PDF 124KB)

December 2018 (new window, PDF 92KB)

January 2019 (new window, PDF 116KB)

February 2019 (new window, PDF 86KB)

March 2019 (new window, PDF 89KB)

Archived invoices

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