2022/2023 Annual Action Plan

Cheshire Fire Authority has now published its Annual Action Plan for 2022-2023.Cheshire Fire Authority has now published its Annual Action Plan for 2022-2023.

The 2022-2023 Annual Action Plan (new window, PDF 4232KB) sets out the key aims and objectives for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service for the year ahead. It outlines plans to address new and emerging fire and rescue related risks, as well as updating on the progress of the existing projects in place that are contained within the Authority’s Integrated Risk Management Plan (which covers the period up to 2024), including:

  • Moving the second fire engine at Ellesmere Port Fire Station to Powey Lane and moving the current fire engine at Powey Lane back to Chester.

  • Reviewing our firefighting water provision and our response to water incidents.

  • Reviewing our Risk Based Inspection Programme and implementing the outcomes.

  • Expanding our ‘Sprinklers Save Lives’ campaign, promoting the use of sprinklers in business premises and high rise residential properties.

  • Changing our approach to how we manage heritage risks.

  • Replacing the aerial appliance and a fire engine at Macclesfield with a High-Reach Fire Engine.

  • Providing Rapid Response Rescue Units on all of our primary on-call fire stations.

  • Developing our wildfire capability.

  • Reviewing the need for new equipment to improve the effectiveness of our response.

  • Launching a Cheshire-wide campaign aimed at owners and occupiers of Houses in Multiple Occupation.

  • Extending Safe and Well home visits to focus interventions for a broader range of vulnerable people.

  • Reviewing our specialist resources and implement outcomes.

  • Working with partners to develop a strategic road safety plan.

In addition, the Plan outlines further projects that the Authority will commence in the coming year:

  • Introduction of the day crewing duty system at Wilmslow Fire Station.

  • Working to develop an emergency cardiac response capability. Due to the absence of a resolution to national discussions, the Authority will now focus on a locally developed capability within Cheshire.

  • Developing further prevention work to raise awareness of water safety.

  • Reviewing its range of fire safety education programmes to ensure content is consistent, engaging and relevant to the intended audience.

  • Working to reduce the number of false alarms within domestic premises.

  • Commencing work on a review of fire cover across Cheshire to inform the development of the Authority’s next IRMP, which will cover the period from April 2024 onwards.

Chief Fire Officer of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Mark Cashin said:

“The plans we have put in place for the next year and up to 2024 will ensure that we can continue to improve and operate more effectively, while providing the fire and rescue service that the communities of Cheshire rightly expect.
In particular, the introduction of a day crewing duty system at Wilmslow will mean a more resilient and effective way of staffing the station that improves the effectiveness of our Service.”

Formal approval for publication of the Plan was provided at the Authority’s meeting on 14 February 2022, following a period of consultation with residents, staff and partner agencies. The Plan will take effect from 1 April this year.

2022-2023 Annual Action Plan (new window, PDF 4232KB)

Last updated: Friday 01 April 2022