Five year strategy - 2015 to 2020

We have made significant progress in recent years on improving the safety of residents and businesses across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington.

Our previous four-year strategy enabled Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to deliver savings of nearly £5 million between 2011 and 2015, while still maintaining the overall downward trend in incidents and emergencies.

The challenge over the next five years will be even harder as it becomes more difficult to maintain improvements in community safety at the same time as the need to make savings increases.

That is why we have developed a new five-year strategy which will clarify some of the stark choices facing Cheshire Fire Authority over the next five years and outlines the approach and principles it will adopt to ensure it does not compromise on its commitment to protect local communities, reduce risk and maintain firefighters’ safety.

The strategy

Please use the link below to view the five year strategy:

Five year strategy - 2015 to 2020 (new window, PDF 2410KB)

Our consultations

Between January and March 2015, we consulted widely with local stakeholders and partner organisations on the proposals in the draft Five Year Strategy.

Cheshire Fire Authority received the results of the consultation at its meeting on 22nd April 2015. The Fire Authority formally approved the publication of the new Five Year Strategy at its meeting on 17th June 2015.

You can view the full consultation report here:

Five Year Strategy Consultation Report (new window, PDF 1834KB)

To support this consultation, the Service also conducted an extensive Public Satisfaction Survey in September 2014 which was carried out by DJS Research, an independent research company. The survey sought the views of over 800 Cheshire residents on a range of proposals which formed the basis for the draft Five Year Strategy that was consulted on.

You can view the findings from the 2014 Public Satisfaction Survey here:

Presentation - Public satisfaction survey results for the five year strategy 2015 to 2020 (new window, Power Point Document 1122KB)

The Five Year Strategy will be supported by annual action plans setting out in more detail the projects and proposals which are scheduled for the following financial year. The first annual action plan will be consulted on in Autumn/Winter 2015 and published in April 2016.

Accessible version of strategy

If you cannot read the strategy above, here is an accessible version of the five year strategy:

Accessible version of the fire year strategy (new window, PDF 1067KB)

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Last updated: Monday 07 September 2015