Pay Policy Statement

Cheshire Fire Authority has a requirement under the Localism Act 2011 to publish a pay policy statement on an annual basis. The statement sets out the Authority’s policies for the financial year relating to:

  • The remuneration of its chief officers

  • The remuneration of its lowest paid employees

  • The relationship between the pay of chief officers and that of other employees

The requirement was introduced in order to:

  • Increase the accountability, transparency and fairness of the setting of local pay

  • To give local people access to information to allow them to determine whether pay is appropriate

  • To ensure the pay of senior staff is fair in the context of the pay of the rest of the workforce

Pay Policy Statement 2021/22 (new window, PDF 147KB)


Pay Policy Statement 2020/21 (new window, PDF 110KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2019/20 (new window, PDF 126KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2018/19 (new window, PDF 41KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2017/18 (new window, PDF 43KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2016/17 (new window, PDF 38KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2015/16 (new window, PDF 35KB)

Pay Policy Statement 2014/15 (new window, PDF 35KB)

Last updated: Monday 22 March 2021