Birchwood Fire Station History

Birchwood Fire Station was constructed in 1980 at a cost of approximately £300, 000. It was opened by W.T.Edwards BSc F.R.I.C. who was the chairman of the Fire Brigade and Public protection committee on 26.01.1981.

In January 2011 the shift system changed at Birchwood from 24hr whole-time cover to a new system identical to Wilmslow fire station.

Day cover is provided by wholetime firefighters who respond to incidents from the fire station, or the local area via appliance radio if they are out in the community doing work such as home safety assessments, school visits, inspections or training activities.

Night cover is provided by our on-call/part-time crew. They have other main jobs as well as being firefighters. Each firefighter carries an alerter whilst available for call-outs during the night and must be capable of reaching the station in a short time.

Last updated: Wednesday 19 February 2020