Congleton Fire Station Vehicles

Congleton Fire Station currently has 2 front line fire engines, a MAN (E18P1) and a IVECO TRV (E19P2.)

1st Appliance

The Man is crewed by ''Wholetime firefighters''

The MAN is affixed with the callsign E18P1

The MAN is the ''1st Appliance'' and is staffed 24:7 

2nd Appliance

The IVECO TRV is crewed by ''On-call firefighters''

The IVECO TRV is affixed with the callsign E18P2

The IVECO TRV is the ''2nd Appliance''

List of equipment

  • Various ladders e.g. 13.5m ladder, roof ladder, 7m ladder and a short extension ladder

  • Two hose reels on a drum, each stretching to 60m in length

  • Environment packs for chemical and diesel spills

  • Breaking in gear such as sledge hammers and axes to force entry into properties affected by fire

  • Breathing apparatus sets to be worn by crews when entering smoke filled areas

  • Holmatro equipment to be used at road traffic collisions to rescue people who have become trapped in vehicles

  • Height safety and water safety packs to rescue people who are struggling in water or who need rescuing from height

  • GTS (gas tight suits) to be worn by firefighters when attending chemical incidents

  • Trauma packs containing oxygen therapy, defibrillators, dressings and much more for dealing with any medical emergencies

High Volume Pump

We also have a High Volume Pump which is used to pump high volumes of water to an incident to tackle fires. It can also be used to pump water away from flood affected areas.

The High Volume Pump and Hose Box are carried on two separate Prime Movers. 

One Prime Mover contains the pumping module and one km of hose.  The other Prime Mover contains two km of hose, which can all be connected together.

The Prime Movers are MAN vehicles and have the call signs E18T9, E18T10, EN981, EN991.


MDD (Mass Decontamination Disrobe)

We also hold a Mass Decontamination Disrobe which is used at large scale chemical incidents involving the public

Last updated: Tuesday 25 August 2015

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