Control room - emergency calls

The Control Room receives emergency calls from a variety of sources via telephone (both landlines and mobile), Automatic Fire Alarm systems (AFAs), and other sources.

Control Operators are highly trained staff who are taught how to question the caller to get the right information quickly and accurately.

All Emergency and administration calls to Control are recorded. This proves useful if the operator needs to double-check information they have been given. The recording can be used as evidence in prosecutions if the call is malicious.

999 - Information

If in doubt, ring the Fire and Rescue Service

The Fire and Rescue Service would rather receive several calls reporting the same incident than no calls.

Most emergency calls are now received by mobile phone, and this can result in a number of duplicate calls to the same incident.

Communication links are provided from Control to each of the 24 fire stations in Cheshire, allowing firefighters to be alerted within seconds of the control operator finishing the call on the 999 system.

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Last updated: Tuesday 25 August 2015