About Crewe Fire Station

At Crewe fire station as well as our regular training and attending incidents we are involved with:

Home Safety Assessments

Our firefighters go out to homes and check homes from a safety point of view and give advice about fire safety in the home (Home Safety Assessments) including the importance of:

  • making an escape plan in the case of fire

  • taking safety precautions every night before going to bed

Online Home Safety Check

You can now do your own home safety check (online).  It takes 5 minutes to check your home. 5 minutes that could save your families lives.

Do the online 'home safety check'

Community Safety Campaigns

We take part in:

  • safety campaigns along with our partners. Campaigns include highlighting the dangers of:

  • leaving your cooker unattended

  • cooking with chip pans

  • faulty electric blankets

  • visits to fetes and schools giving out leaflets and carrying out demonstrations

  • talks on fire safety to various community groups such as Brownies, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Boys Brigade

  • the annual Primary College event at South Cheshire College.

Road Safety Campaigns

We take part in campaigns to make everyone aware of road safety. We attend more road traffic collisions than fires so an important part of our work is making everyone aware of the importance of road safety.

For example we took part in a play called The Long Walk to highlight the need to drive safely.

School Safety Visits

Firefighters go out to the local primary schools to give our children, usually in year 5, fire safety messages. As part of this visit we use our Kidzone part of the website.

Particular duties include operating the Operational Support Unit and the Incident Response Unit.

Last updated: Thursday 24 August 2017