Knutsford Fire Station History

First fire engines

Knutsford first became the proud owners of their very first fire engines (pumps) in December 1834. They purchased two, one for £130.00 and one for £75.00.

These were hand driven pumps and carried a reasonable quantity of water and were housed at the Courthouse, Old Market Square. In those days people had to pay if they called out the Fire Service which was £1.00 for the fire engine and 5 shillings for each firefighter.

In 1910 the fire station moved to the Ruskin rooms, Drury Lane and was staffed by local council workers. The horses were stabled here as well.

In 1939 the fire station moved to new premises once again, these being at the rear of the council offices where they stayed throughout WWII, when in 1948 it came under the care of Cheshire County Council. Knutsford obtained its first purpose built fire station on Mobberley Road in 1964, where it still stands today.

Present day

In 2004, the station is home to a Dennis Sabre fire engine which carries modern equipment for fighting fire, rescue from traffic collisions, chemical and environmental protection, and much more. Things have progressed a great deal since 1834!

The personnel at Knutsford are also the technical line rescue team for Cheshire, and can undertake rescues from areas such as shafts, tower cranes, cliffs and high buildings. The team, together with the Mercedes Sprinter Line Rescue Unit, may also be called out to incidents in Cheshire's neighbouring counties.

Last updated: Friday 01 July 2022