Macclesfield Fire Station History

Alderman A E Barwood OBE opened the present site of the fire station at Macclesfield on 4th April 1970.

Former sites of the fire station in Macclesfield have included:

Cumberland Street (now demolished, the roundabout at the top of Churchill Way was its location) and in the side of the Town Hall at Market Place.

The appliances at Macclesfield have also been under various authorities. These have included: -

  • Macclesfield Borough Fire Brigade (pre WWII)

  • National Fire Service 1941-1947

  • Cheshire County Fire Brigade1947-1974

  • Cheshire Fire Brigade 1974-2002

  • Cheshire Fire Service 2002 to present day

Station Features

Features of Macclesfield Fir Station:

The drill tower

Five storeys high and made of steel

The Pond

The pond was constructed with the help of All Hallows School. This photo shows the view from the school-side. Andy Cooper was the main instigator of the project, which was completed in the mid 1990s.

Since then it has attracted an abundance of wildlife and foliage. In the summer a pair of Canada Geese regularly visit the pond.  They use the small island in the middle of the pond as a nesting site.

Over the years the station has witnessed the hatching and growing of approximately 15 geese. Other bird life and pond life, such as frogs and fish are commonplace now and the area is a peaceful, tranquil place to walk off your lunch during break but still be available for a call.

Last updated: Wednesday 26 August 2015

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