Poynton Fire Station Vehicles

Poynton fire station currently has one front line fire engine. This vehicle is known as a Water Rescue Ladder (WRL)

The fire engine is a Dennis Sabre XL. It is capable of transporting eight crew members and a large amount of varied equipment.

The WRL can be compared to the "Swiss Army Knife" of the modern fire service. Every station has at least one of these vehicle. They are the first vehicle to be mobilised to any incident and carry equipment to be used in any situation.

Some of the equipment carried on Poynton's fire engine is listed below.

  • 18oo litres of water for fire fighting

  • Main pump capable of delivering 3600 litres per minute

  • 4 different ladders, the longest being 13.5m

  • Hoses for small and larger fires

  • 5 breathing apparatus (BA) sets for wearing in smoke and heat

  • Trauma and casualty care equipment including oxygen

  • Cutting equipment for road traffic collisions (RTC)

  • Water safety equipment for rescues and firefighter safety

  • Height safety equipment for rescues and firefighter safety

  • On board computer, printer and digital communications unit

  • Environmental protection equipment

  • Equipment for dealing with hazardous materials

Last updated: Monday 07 September 2015

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