Runcorn Fire Station History

Runcorn fire brigade was made up of everyday personnel up to the year 1870.

Prior to this there are writings that show requests being made for a fire engine to be purchased, dated 23rd October 1840. These requests were overridden as the Bridgewater trustees, who owned the soap works then, had bought their own fire engine and had consented to its use "for the extinction of fires in the town."


Runcorn did, however, get their first fire engine commissioned in April 1858 and the brigade was then under the superintendence of Inspector Steen.

The station was then situated in the Town Yard at Delph Bridge (now the junction of Halton Road). Records show that during this time, as the brigade was purely voluntary, the station keys were kept at the Town Hall.

Unfortunately, none of this original building exists.

1870 - 1940

Between 1870 and 1940 a proper voluntary fire service was established and members who turned out for fire drill and real fires were paid accordingly.

The yearly pay rates for all those who volunteered are shown in the Runcorn Improvement Commission notes for the year 1884-1885:

Payment for attendance at drill

Superintendant                   - £6 0s 0d
Deputy Superintendant       - £3 10s 0d
Fireman                               - £2 10s 0d
Call Boy                               - £1 10s

Payment for attendance at fires         

                                                     first hour     every hour thereafter
Superintendant                             3s 0d          1s 6d
Fireman                                        2s 0d          1s 0d

Helpers - 9d every hour


In 1906 the station was still situated in the Town Yard at Delph Bridge, but the keys were now kept at the Police Station in Bridge Street.


In 1908 the Town Yard, and its fire station, moved from Delph Bridge to its new location in Lowlands Road.
The fire brigade became full time in 1940 when the Auxiliary Fire Service was formed. During this time they were still based at Lowlands Road.


In 1943 the Cheshire County Fire Brigade, under wartime powers, took over Heath House in Heath Road and used it as the Fire Brigade HQ.

Unfortunately, as a result of damage and neglect, Heath House had to be demolished and the present fire station was purpose built on the same site in 1960.

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