Runcorn Fire Station Vehicles

At Runcorn fire station we have two Scania fire engines that respond to emergency calls in the local community and Cheshire area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fire engines' call signs are E05P1 and E05P2, with E05P1 being staffed by wholetime firefighters and E05P2 being staffed by On-Call firefighters.

Each vehicle holds 1800 litres of water and various equipment used to assist fire and rescue crews in the diverse nature of firefighting, including:

  • Hydraulic cutting equipment, used at RTCs (road traffic collisions)

  • 70mm and 45mm Hose

  • Foam

  • Breaking in equipment

  • Height Safety equipment

  • Water Safety/Rescue equipment

  • Decontamination equipment

  • Ladders

  • Breathing Apparatus

  • Hose reels

  • Lighting equipment

All of the firefighters at Runcorn are trained up in Wading Response, which enables them to enter water which is not flowing and below a certain depth.

Last updated: Wednesday 19 October 2016