Stockton Heath Fire Station Vehicles

Stockton Heath currently has three appliances: two fire engines and one hydraulic platform (HP)

1 x Water Ladder (Fire Engine) Callsign - E03/P1

Water Ladders are designed to tackle all kinds of incidents from large structural fires to domestic emergencies and also carry equipment to enable rescue up to 4th floor level.

They also deal with environmental protection, road traffic collisions, chemical leaks and special service call incidents such as water rescue/safety and working at height. 

1 x Hydraulic Platform (HP) Callsign - E03/A1

Our Hydraulic Platform can reach up to 28 Metres. Mainly used for water attack at height and to launch the Fire and Rescue Boat at water incidents. It can also be used to rescue injured people from height, such as a welder on high scaffolding. There are three Hydraulic Platforms in Cheshire.

Last updated: Monday 20 January 2020