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Warrington is a 'whole time' station which means it staffed 24 hours by four watches of firefighters.

Warrington Fire Station
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Warrington Fire Station Activities

Fire Cadet units are now established at all three Warrington stations; cadets follow programmes covering self development as well as giving support to many community events.

Young Citizen Programme is an annual event at the Peace Centre in which we deliver a fire safety message to over 1600 children in their final year of primary school.

Support is given in assemblies at local schools with topics such as bonfire/firework safety, hoax calls and nuisance fires.

Youth Engagement Activities

Respect Programme:

This delivers a practical team building programme for young people in the 13 - 15 age range. It is aimed at developing personal responsibility which will keep them in some form of education (up to 16 years) and then move on to further education/training and/or employment. Further, the outcome should help prevent them being drawn into anti-social behaviour and/or offending. 

Young Firesetters and Arsonists

Fire Safe - this provides the counselling of young children who have a fascination with fire, offering support to their families. One visit is usually sufficient.

Arson Intermediate Programme - this targets young people on anti-social contracts when their activities include deliberate fire-setting. Many referrals come from Youth Inclusion & Support Panel (YISP) which is managed by the Youth Offending Team; other referrals come from other partner agencies. These young people follow a short programme of 3/4 sessions covering fire risk and the need to take responsibility for possible consequences.

Arson Programme - this works in partnership with Youth Offending Teams dealing with young people who have appeared in court or are on police warnings after a fire-starting incident. They follow this programme as an alternative to custodial sentencing where they learn about fire and smoke, and spend time and attend 5/6 sessions on average.

Community Fire Protection

Halton and Warrington Office:

Station Manager and Watch Managers

  • Mark Pollard, Station Manager

  • Warren Hansford, Watch Manager

  • Daniel Cummings, Watch Manager

Fire Safety Inspecting Officers

  • Stuart Hurst, Technical Fire Safety Officer

  • Jan Jameson, Technical Fire Safety Officer

  • Phil Massey, Technical Fire Safety Officer

  • Jon Prior, Technical Fire Safety Officer

  • Conner Lafferty, Technical Fire Safety Officer

  • Amber Merrills, Technical Fire Safety Officer

Halton and Warrington Administration Hub Team

  • Liz Thompson, Administration Manager

  • Madeline Perry, Administrator

  • Lesley Dagnall, Administrator

  • Bernadette Doyle, Administrator

How to contact the Community Protection team:

Warrington Community Safety Team

Warrington Community Safety Team supports and facilitates corporate objectives at a local level through the Unitary Performance Group (UPG). We recognise that we cannot work in isolation and that the key to meeting the government's vision can only come from working in partnership with other agencies.

The Government's vision of:

  • preventing fires

  • reduction of arson

  • road traffic collisions (RTC)

  • social inclusion

  • neighbourhood renewal crime reduction

Emphasis here is very much placed on team work; we identify and target vulnerable groups within the community and react positively to safety matters which impact on the community.

The Warrington Community Safety Team consists of:

  • Locality Safety Manager - Lorraine Page

  • Lead Advocate - Lorna Lucas 

  • Advocates - Kay Molyneux, Dave Petley, Dave Ashton

With focus on the more vulnerable groups within the Warrington community such as the elderly, youth and people with disabilities, we aim to raise awareness, educate and support individuals, with regards to Home Safety.

The role of the Community Safety Team is diverse; however, over the next few months we will be concentrating on conducting Home Safety Assessments which comprises a home visit where free advice and guidance is given to the occupier and free smoke alarms (including smoke alarms for the deaf) are fitted if appropriate.

We currently work alongside our partner agencies and aim to create and strengthen new partnerships to help achieve our goals.

The Community Safety Team is also involved in ongoing local campaigns to raise road safety awareness.

Through this education, awareness and support we strive to create safer lifestyles and aim to minimize the risks in the communities in which we serve.

Our Partners

Deafness Support Network (opens in new window) - Deafness Support Network is the new name for an established and forward looking organisation founded in 1976 as The Cheshire Society for the Deaf.

Home 'fire safety' advice

Complete our online home safety check and you will get a personalised fire safety plan, which will offer advice on how to prevent fires in your home.

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Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will fit free smoke alarms for people who are aged over 65 and for people who are referred to us by partner agencies because they are considered to be at a particular risk.

If you are over 65 years of age and you live in Cheshire, you can arrange for a Firefighter or a Community Safety Advocate to visit your home for a free home safety visit. During the home safety visit advice will be given on how to make your home safer, what to do in the event of a fire and what to do if you are trapped by a fire. Free smoke alarms will also be fitted (if needed) with an explanation on how to maintain them correctly.

Book a home safety visit for over 65’s

Last updated: Monday 17 February 2020