Warrington Fire Station Vehicles

Fire engines are designed to tackle all kinds of incidents from large structural fires to domestic emergencies and carry equipment to enable rescue up to 4th floor level.

We also deal with environmental protection, road traffic collisions, chemical leaks and special service call incidents such as water rescue/safety and working at height.

Warrington Pump Call Sign E01P1

This is Warrington's "first machine", this person in charge of the vehicle is the watch manager.

This appliance attends usually the more serious incidents such as house fires and road traffic collisions but is equipped to deal with any incident. 

Water Rescue Unit - Call sign E01B2

The water boat is designed to provide a safe system of work at water  side or in water incidents. Crews are also trained to complete dynamic rescues from water at any incidents around Cheshire.

This can include powerboat rescue or swift water rescue.

Last updated: Monday 20 January 2020

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Warrington Pump Call Sign E01P1
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