Wilmslow Fire Station History

Wilmslow Fire Station was originally situated on Green Lane. In 1909 the Brigade moved to premises in Hawthorn Street which also accommodated the Parish Library. In 1912 the fire station was connected to the telephone system.

Horse drawn

Until 1924 the fire engine was horse-drawn by cab horses. When the hooter sounded from the top of the gas holder, horses were unhitched from their cabs wherever they were, ridden to the fire station, hitched to the engine and raced to the fire.

On 29th July 1924 the horses were replaced by a motor engine with solid tyres.

National Fire Service

Wilmslow Fire Brigade was taken over by the National Fire Service in August 1941 and in April 1948 became part of Cheshire County Fire Brigade. As well as being operational, Wilmslow also became the District Headquarters of 'B' District.

Present day

The present fire station on Altrincham Road was opened on Friday 5th June 1964 by Lord Lieutenant, Colonel Sir Walter Bromley Davenport MP. The cost of the new building was £54,000 and consisted of a three bay engine house, control room, offices, mess room and a training tower.

The two Rolls-Royce powered Dennis fire engines were manned twenty four hours a day by one whole-time and one part-time crew. There was also a Land Rover for use off-road or in snow conditions.

Wilmslow ceased to function as 'B' District Control due to the changes made to county boundaries in 1974, as most of 'B' District was absorbed into Greater Manchester County. 

Last updated: Monday 14 September 2015