Winsford Fire Station Vehicles

Winsford fire station has appliances:

  • 1 Wholetime Water Ladder (fire engine) 

  • 1 Targeted Response Vehicle (TRV)

  • 1 Major Incident Unit (MIU)

  • 1 Incident Response Unit (IRU)

Water Ladder Appliance

Otherwise known as a fire engine. This is the usual vehicle that is sent to an incident.  It is crewed by a minimum of four personnel.  It has capabilities for fire fighting, rescues from road traffic collisions, height, water and hazardous materials incidents.

Targeted Response Unit (TRU)

This is a smaller fire vehicle which is sent to small fires such as rubbish fires and bin fires.  It is crewed by on-call firefighters.

Incident Response Unit (IRU)

The IRU is provided by HM Government to protect against terrorist activity anywhere in the UK.  It carries equipment to enable the decontamination of large numbers of people in the event of a CBRN attack. 

It is one of two based in Cheshire, the other being based at Chester Station.  It is also now used for accidental hazardous material spills for the decontamination of large numbers of firefighters, where the equipment carried on the fire engines is not sufficient.

Major Incident Unit (MIU)

The MIU is a specialist vehicle for heavy rescue incidents anywhere within Cheshire. It is mainly used for Road Traffic Collisions involving large vehicles, e.g. wagons or buses.  It is the only vehicle of its kind in Cheshire.

Last updated: Tuesday 15 December 2015

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