Communications and Engagement

The Communications and Engagement team is based at Training Centre, Sadler Road, Winsford.

The team is responsible for a wide range of services including:

  • Communications

  • Consultation

  • Co-ordinating key events


Key responsibilities in this area include:


Key responsibilities in this area include:

  • Developing and implementing the Service's Consultation and Engagement Strategy

  • Co-ordinating external corporate consultation

  • Managing the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service consultation panel

  • Developing internal feedback and consultation


Key responsibilities in this area include:

  • Managing, co-ordinating and publicising all CFRS main corporate events and visits

  • Identifying and organising events which promote community safety and recognise the efforts of those within and outside the organisation who support our objectives.

  • Events calendar

Last updated: Thursday 03 February 2022

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