Governance and Commissioning

The Governance and Commissioning team is based at Clemonds Hey, Winsford.

The team have responsibility for delivering a number of services including:

The Director of Governance and Commissioning is the Authority’s Monitoring Officer and provides expert legal advice on matters of law, decision making, risk mitigation and governance to ensure that the Fire Authority operates within the law and in accordance with constitutional and/or statutory requirements.

This role also has lead responsibility for the strategic and operational delivery of the Blue Light Collaboration commissioning arrangements on behalf of the Fire Authority, overseeing governance, performance standards and the delivery of specified services to ensure that they remain key enablers of both service delivery and organisational improvement for the Fire and Rescue Service.

Democratic Services

This area of the Service provides support to the Members of the Cheshire Fire Authority and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Senior Management team to ensure the smooth and efficient management of the decision-making processes of both the Fire Authority and Service Management Team meetings.

In addition the team provides a comprehensive support service for all Members of the Cheshire Fire Authority which includes executive support, advice on procedural issues, Members’ Allowances and delivery of Member Development activities. 

The team are also responsible for the management of the Service’s Compliments and Complaints Scheme. 

Executive Support

Provide Executive Support to the Leadership Team (Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Fire Officer and Service Directors) and Heads of Departments.

Last updated: Thursday 08 February 2018