Business Partner Unit

The HR Business Partner Unit, within Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, are responsible for:

  • People management policy development

  • Providing advice and guidance to managers on workforce terms and conditions

  • Supporting and facilitating industrial relations

  • Remuneration and job evaluation

  • Equality of opportunity

  • HR project support for key Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) projects

People management policy development

The team draft, review and implement new and revised policies and procedures that support the people management agenda. This work incorporates proactively amending or drafting new policy as a result of organisational reviews, organisational changes, change or new employment legislation.

These policies and procedures are published on the Intranet and cover all aspects of employment, for example, pay and reward, attendance management, employee rights and benefits.

Providing advice and guidance to managers on workforce terms and conditions.

The team work closely with managers at all levels within the organisation to give employment advice and support. This is diverse in that it may be advice on individual issues, through to casework involving discipline and grievance issues, or may be support to managers achieving an organisational objective, for example, a restructure.

This means that the team work closely with managers and support them in a partnering capacity to jointly achieve solutions to any issues relating to terms and conditions.

Supporting and facilitating industrial relations

We work closely with the recognised trade unions to support the principle of co-operation between employer, employees and trade unions to ensure the successful delivery of the service and the management of change.

We promote joint solution seeking through the consultation and negotiation processes which the Employee Relations team facilitates. Examples of items for consultation and negotiation include organisational policies, proposed organisational changes, pay and reward aspects.

Remuneration and job evaluation

Aspects of pay and recognition are considered and implemented by Employee Relations, specifically with regard to pay terms and conditions, changes to pay rates, amendments to the policy provisions.

Job evaluation is also administered within this area, from support to managers on drafting job descriptions, to liaising with the job evaluation provider on evaluation outcomes, to facilitating and job evaluation appeals.

Equality of opportunity

Employee Relations take the lead on the employment aspects involved in supporting the Fire and Rescue Services Equality and Diversity Strategy and also the aim to achieve 'excellence' in the Fire and Rescue Services Equality Framework.

This typically involves leading on the review of employment policies and procedures to ensure diversity issues are mainstreamed, producing workforce information which informs the achievement of targets and also any additional action the organisation needs to take, and also leading on recruitment events to ensure access from under represented groups is encouraged.

HR project support for key CFRS projects

We provide support to managers and teams alike with regard to the HR aspects of organisational projects that are key objectives. For example, a change in duty system at a Fire Station.

We will support management in achieving this by, for example, facilitating staff consultation, drafting redeployment procures, supporting the manager lead in drafting the revised duty system document, carrying out consultation and negotiation with trade unions.

Leadership Development

Information to be added soon.

Last updated: Thursday 18 May 2017